Thursday, 9 February 2017

Tropic Deep Hydration and Clear Skin Masks

I'm not normally massively into masks; not that I don't like them, just that it seems like maximum effort for minimum visible results. I'll admit - when I opened a package from Tropic that had masks inside, I was almost disappointed. Not that I thought that they'd be bad - I rate their cleanser and exfoliator really highly, but I'm just so not a mask person. Nevertheless, midway through a training call last week with nothing to do except sit, I decided it was time to crack into these and at least give them a fair shot - so cue the review for the Tropic Deep Hydration and Clear Skin masks.

We'll start with Clear Skin as this was the one that I actually tried first - and we need to get over the smell first because this smells the way that it looks; green. It's not massively a bad thing or anything, but it's just a really strong, really green smell. Once it's on though, it didn't bother me so much that I felt as though I wanted to take it off sooner or anything, which is a good thing. These have vague instructions, and I like that because I hate clock watching when I have other things that I could be doing instead, and so I just left this on and did my work until it dried, and then took it off. I have to admit this did help my skin; it felt much less greasy, it cleared the top gunky, greasy layer away from my skin and it did seem to help take the redness out of spots (although that could have been just the fact that green cancels out red). All in all, I'd say this is some pretty powerful stuff and so don't use it too often, but for £16, it's definitely a good one to have in the collection.

I had high hopes for the Hydration mask given my newfound love for the Clear Skin one, however this one just didn't do it as much for me. Admittedly, I was always bound to get more use out of a clear skin mask than a hydration one; especially as only patches of my skin are ever dry enough to truly benefit from it - however, for me one of the things that I surprisingly didn't like that much was the smell. This is superberries, and so I knew that it was going to be sweet - but I just wasn't expecting the extremely sweet sherbet smell that it has. This one especially is a texture that I just can't get along with - it sits on the skin like a really thick moisturiser until you wash it off and it just really isn't the one for me. If you have dry skin though, this one would definitely be a good choice given that this too is only £15.

Amongst all my opinions on which masks to buy and not to buy, I mostly just want to say that whatever suits your skin from Tropic, buy it - because it'll probably be boss in the long run. To this day they're one of my favourite skincare companies, and it's not just because they sent me these masks; you've just got to appreciate a company that can do skincare well and care about being vegan and cruelty free. Regardless of if you're a mask person, you're probably going to be a Tropic person.

If you've tried other Tropic products that you'd recommend, leave them below!

Sammy xo.
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