Tuesday, 14 March 2017

How Do We Travel So Much?

If there's one question that Katy and I seem to get asked at least once a day lately, it's how on earth do we travel so much? I mean, it's actually "how are you affording it?" but that doesn't really make sense as a standalone question and so I opted for the more all-encompassing, and much more click worthy title of; how do we travel so much? There was a lot of time during our relationship where Katy and I simply couldn't afford to travel, we could barely afford to live away from home, and we definitely couldn't afford to go to America (like we are next year). So, what changed that made us suddenly able to afford multiple holidays a year?

This isn't about to get all philosophical - but in basic terms, what changed was us as people. In the time that we were apart we learnt what mattered to us, we had cancelled our lease on what was set to be our joint flat, and about a month into living with Katy's parents we decided that living together in our own space was a secondary dream for us, and so was our wedding; because our primary dream suddenly became clear; we wanted to travel. We wanted to take the chance to travel when we were paying minimal rent, when we could come home to food in the fridge, and people to look at our photographs, and the fire already lit. Before we created our own life together, our own world, we wanted to explore the one that was already out there.

So, we started working out how we could afford to do it. It started with jobs, then extras hours, then freelance on top of that. Then came the cull; we couldn't spend as much as we were spending on makeup, or fast food, or taxis - we had to learn to live basically so that our travelling was anything but. Essentially; we made a decision. We made a decision that travelling was a priority to us; it was more important to us right now than saving for a wedding, or paying rent on a flat, or having our own dog, or having pizza twice a week, or getting taxis when we could walk or get buses.

We learn to use the system so we could afford it; £1000 Thomas Cook all-inclusive packages are still out of our budget if we want to pay upfront (and we do), and so we became all too familiar with Air BnB and cheap flights from Skyscanner and Norwegian airways - we quickly realised that it wouldn't be pools and panoramic views, but with a little bit of determination and searching it definitely could be tiny apartments in perfect locations. We learned that whilst we might not be going to capitals, we could explore beautiful cities and see things our friends might never see - and it's amazing, and magical, and exactly what I wanted from my travelling experience.

What I learned about travelling when we work minimum wage jobs and freelance sporadically is you have to make it your priority, and you have to be willing to dig for offers; but more than anything, you have to be flexible. It'll be worth every penny, trust me.

Sammy xo.

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  1. Great tips, like you said, it's all about priorities and whether your priority is travelling or something different, as soon as you know what that thing is that you want, you make it happen. Everything just falls into place and you find a way to do it, to buy it, to go somewhere, you just do!

    Can't wait to see where your travels take you!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland