Sunday, 2 April 2017

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Halo

I'm a big fan of highlight in general - but it takes something special to get me really excited. However, I wanted Cover FX Halo Drops for a really long time and always meant to get them 'with my next pay cheque' and so I was over the moon when Katy took the leap and, under the guise of it being a mother's day present from our small toy sheep son (Ben), bought them for me last weeks. Whereas I can leave gold and silver highlight (although if you're offering pass them my way), there was something irresistible about this blue, gold, pink shift of a liquid highlight that I just wasn't quite ready to pass over.

The Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops go alongside their original Custom Cover Drops, as additions to primers, bases or moisturisers in order to better customise the product that you're about to wear (although truth be told, in both of the cases of these products; with a careful hand you can definitely wear these as a standalone product), and I have to say that I love that as an idea - creating your own perfect product irregardless of what base that you began with. Having said that, I definitely wouldn't be mixing these in with my foundation - for fear of looking like the tin man - however as a standalone product to be used as a highlight, this tiny vial of liquid is otherworldly.

Now I'll be frank - the packaging is fine but nothing special; compared to the heavy, sparkly copper of the packaging of Sunset or the bright yellow gold of Candlelight, this just looks white with the tiniest bit of holographic shift - but when you get to the packaging, everything is forgiven. If this product was sold in an old salad container I'd forgotten about and left in my locker in school for four weeks, I'd probably still buy it (this is a joke, I obviously never ate salad in school. Or ever.). Pull out the dropper and be prepared for the liquid version of a Halo. The name is spot on; because this is pure, liquified, angel headwear.

The one thing I will say about this is that it feels sort of greasy, which isn't too much of an issue when it comes to wearing it as you would a liquid highlighter because used alone it sets down (though be careful, because a tiny bit goes a very long way), it's worth noting if you're looking to add this into your foundation because I feel as though it might change the consistency of your foundation. When you blend this stuff out though, it's a pure oil slick of blue and purple; in fact it makes me think this would be the result if you turned a Mac Lightscapade into a fluid. This is the perfect foundation for that bold night out look, or try mixing it in with a moisturiser and wearing it with no foundation for a more subtle look as we roll into Summer. This stuff isn't cheap at £34, but I want to buy a new bottle right now and I haven't even used this one up, or even used more than a few drops total - so that definitely says something.

If you've tried any of the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, I'd love to know your thoughts!

Sammy xo.

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