Monday, 10 April 2017

Hotel Chocolat Hard Boiled Eggs

I'm a big lover of marzipan and dark chocolate, but it's something that you come across a lot less frequently than you may imagine. With that in mind, when Hotel Chocolate offered me one of their Hard Boiled Eggs and one of the options was marzipan, you best know that I jumped at the chance to chow down on this one in the name of the review. I can't say that this lasted long, but I did stop chewing lost enough in order to make some notes on this so I could do at least some kind of review.

There's something really special about Hotel Chocolat - and clearly you all see it too, as there was a lot of love for my Easter Post for them a few weeks ago, and so it's nice to be working alongside them again. Their chocolate is luxurious; and no matter how big or small the offering, it always feels like a treat to be savoured. The Hard Boiled Eggs are no exception (eggs-ception?) there's a solid walled hollow egg, alongside a chocolate offering matching the type of egg that you've opted for - in my case, dark chocolate marzipan.

The marzipan is full and not too sweet, and combined with the dark chocolate - though it doesn't really make for a sweet treat - it definitely does make for a tasty one. It's not the marzipan that you get around a battenberg (although to be completely honest, I still may argue that that's the ultimate type of marzipan, but it could be the solid layer of sugar), but rather a much more grown up version, filled with a warm, true almond taste and then wrapped in a just-this-side-of-too-bitter dark chocolate.

Now these aren't cheap, because one egg (though remember they are pretty thick and they do also come with chocolates) is going to set you back £15 - but in my opinion it genuinely is worth it. Not only is the egg infused with almond - with this one being marzipan - but the whole thing just feels luxurious and like every touch has been finished off with a flourish. Marzipan not a thing? There are also mint, brownie, salted caramel and even three dark chocolate options that are completely vegan. Hotel Chocolat have really outdone themselves for easter, and I truthfully really can't wait to see what they have in store for their Summer flavours...

If you want to win a Hotel Chocolat Hard Boiled Egg, head over to my pinned tweet and follow me and them to win one of your very own (though this does end today - 10/08/17 at 11:59pm). Good luck!

Sammy xo.
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  1. Was kind of hoping they are actually hard boiled, but I guess how would you actually eat it if it was just a solid egg of chocolate! I've always wanted a hotel chocolat Easter egg but never been able to splurge - really really hope I win your giveaway xoxo

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