Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Makeup Geek Showstoppers

Deciding what lipstick to wear on any day is a big choice - but deciding what lipstick to wear on the day of #carnLIVal was something entirely different. Helpfully, alongside the goodies that Makeup Geek sent to the event, they had also sent a huge PR package containing what seemed like every pigment and foiled lipstick they offer, but also some of their new limited edition creme stains - the Showstoppers. After a long debate as to what I needed in a lipstick for it to be worth wearing on the day, I finally settled for a Showstopper in Foxtrot.

They have a really good set of colours in the range in my opinion, and they sent me five really varying options; Twerk (a dark green that almost looks black in some lights), Flamenco (a really deep, true red), Charleston (a bright, almost Cadbury purple), Moonwalk (a literally fluorescent baby pink) and the one that I chose for the event - Foxtrot, which is a soft corally nude. These settle right down to a matte texture, and although they need retouching throughout the day they're pretty easy to build on top of themselves, so it's not the end of the world if some crumbles when you're eating.

The main issue I have with these is that they're disproportionately uncomfortable to wear when you consider the actually wear time - they dry down like a matte liquid lipstick, but wear more like a standard lipstick, meaning it can feel a little like all of the pain with no gain. Similarly, they don't tend to wear in a good way - with any kind of food or drink quickly giving way to the dreaded 'bumhole' lip. Although the colours on offer are pretty, I'm much likely to pass over them in favour of either a traditional bullet lipstick for comfort, or a liquid matte lipstick for much better lasting power.

Are these the worst thing in the world? No, especially not Foxtrot with it's nude being a lot more forgiving, but they're definitely not my favourite thing that Makeup Geek has to offer at the moment, and especially not when they set you back $12, and for just a little more than that you could get one of their foiled lip glosses (update to come because I really do like those), or even one of their plush mattes. Pretty colours, and even prettier packaging - but if you're opting for something Makeup Geek; these wouldn't be my recommendation I'm afraid.

If you've tried these and have any ways on how to better make them work, please do let me know?

Sammy xo.
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