Monday, 3 April 2017

My Favourite Things In Our Room 2017

Our room is ever changing; we have a finite amount of space in Katy's Mum and Dad's house and there are two of us constantly amassing more and more items, and so our general space is getting smaller and smaller, and our collections of belongings are getting broader and broader. We have gotten a lot of things lately though that I really love (I obviously love everything in our room, but you know that feeling that you get when you have something new and it just feels cool and special) and so I thought that today I'd share with you my current favourite things without our room.

I have been in love with this since the moment that it arrived, and I have to say that I like the fact that it's pointless just as much as I like how pretty it is. This is next to my empties bin and it's my counterpart to Katy's 'K' carnival light from Rocket and Rye; there's absolutely no point in it but I just really like it. I always loved ampersands, and even looked at getting an ampersand tattoo, and it always signifies continuing on and adding something; but generally this is probably my top favourite thing in our room at the moment.

We got this frame on a whim from Wilko and we have filled it with postcards and tickets from our time in Poznan, and I'm absolutely in love with this. We are going to attempt to make a new one for each place that we go to, and then set them up on our wall to remind us of each of our many trips away. This is a cheap, but very effective, and very personal way to remind us of the amazing times that we had in each place that we got to on holiday.

This is something that I didn't really think that we would get that much use from, but we seem to have it on every single night and we change colours weekly just to swap it up, but this is an acrylic lamp in the shape of BB8. This is from an Etsy shop (linked in the title) that provides you with a base, and then a number of acrylic shapes to fit into it in order to make the lamp your own, in fact I believe that you can even add your own acrylic version of a photograph which is pretty cool. This comes with a remote to set it to what feels like 20 different colours, and it's just something I love having around.

So there are my favourite things in our room at the moment, I'm always looking to add to our collections (though we really don't have the space!) and so I'd love you to enable me.

Sammy xo.
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