Sunday, 14 May 2017


When brands offer to send me things its always cool, but I can normally safely guess that it's going to be skincare, make-up or sex toys; so when a company got in touch and asked Katy and I if we wanted a surprise, we eagerly agreed, but didn't really expect a paint can full of condoms and lube to be the aforementioned surprise. It's time we welcomed the new kids on the block when it comes to safe sex, and sexually pleasure - and they're the one. No, really, their name is actually ONE.

I'm all about anything that has people discussing sex more openly, and this is definitely something that will go a long way towards helping. With condom packet designs that are round and look like moons, quotes, mario mushrooms, magic lamps and naked gnomes, these were definitely something I would have talked about with my friends had they been around when I was in sixth form and starting to be more sexually open and adventurous, and, to be honest, they probably would have made me a lot more likely to carry a condom back when I was younger and this wasn't something that ever would have entered my mind.

These aren't just a pretty face, however - there's a condom for just about everyone who might want one. Whether you want a more skin like feel (ONE Vanish Hyper Thin), something a little different (ONE Glowing Pleasures) or something flavoured (ONE FlavourWaves) there's a condom for each situation that you might find yourself in. There are also three different types of condom created for more pleasure for the receiver that go far beyond the typical ribbed options; there's an option that's rubbed in tattoo designs (ONE Tantric Pleasures), one that's textured with extra large studs (ONE Super Studs) and one with increased headroom (ONE Pleasure Done).

Now I'll be honest, Katy and I don't usually use condoms - we're both free of any STIs and this is a decision that we made as a couple; however, there are also a number of products in the paint can that we can make use of; as we also received a Hybrid Personal Lubricant and a Premium Personal Lubricant. The Hybrid Lubricant is very thin and watery, where the Premium Lubricant is a lot more like gel. Both have a pretty strong smell, almost like PVA glue, but it does go as it's absorbed, so it's not too bad, and definitely not unusable - but it definitely could smell a little better.

All in all - ONE is a really cool new brand, that I genuinely believe will get people talking - and the good thing is that they genuinely appear to be no more expensive that other condom and lube brands (find a 12 pack of assorted condoms here for £9.99, around the same price as 12 Durex condoms). This isn't a sponsored post but they're pretty cool- I mean, come on, they sent their products out in a paint can. They're now being stocked in Superdrug, so either grab some here or check them out next time you're picking up some shampoo.

Sammy xo.
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