Friday, 12 May 2017

Elizabeth Arden Sheer Kiss Lip Oil

If you've been around these parts for a while, you'll know that I love a good gimmick and so when this Sheer Kiss Lip Oil from Elizabeth Arden appeared in amongst some other post a few weeks ago I was truly transfixed. It's not that I'm a particularly big lover of lip oils; in fact the complete opposite, I absolutely hate how they feel on my lips, I think that they're a waste of time (just use a lip balm) and generally I just tend to think they're overrated though. This though? This has me considering adding a lip oil to my bag (I mean it's more like a passing consideration, but still).

 My fascination for this lip oil comes directly from the packaging - how cool is this? It's a circle of hard plastic, only the top comes off and the middle bit is slightly more pliable so you can push it to dispense product. Is it gimmicky? Yes. Does it fascinate me? Yes. Is the product inside amazing? Mediocre. Is it a waste of packaging? Almost definitely. Let's get this straight - the packaging here is cool, but it's also a huge waste of plastic, and as much as I like the idea, the cool packaging on this just doesn't really make up for the outside.

It's cool, sure, but for £18 a go, I'd want much more than cool packaging - and that's coming from the gimmick queen. Don't get me wrong, the product inside is fine - more lipgloss than lip oil, thick, glossy with a sweet minty like flavour - but it's just not £18 worth of fine. The colour is really pretty in swatches on my hand, but looks like nothing on my lips, the cool packaging gets lip oil all around the dispenser when you use it, and one too-vigorous push can have product just about everywhere in a minute flat.

The lip oil definitely works, it makes you lips feel glossier, shinier and less dry - but this is much closer to a thick, sticky lip gloss than a luxurious lip oil, and if I wanted a sticky lip gloss that smelled like mint (though without the cool packaging) I could head over to Boots and grab one from the Natural Collection for under £2 and it'd probably be much easier to apply, and it might even have the added bonus of glitter. Like I said earlier - it's not that this is a bad product as such, it's just that if it was packaged into clear tubes and had a really cheap brands name on the outside of it, it definitely wouldn't seem out of place enough for anybody to flag it up.

So there you go - you're welcome for me showing you the cool packaging, but now you've seen it, head over to Superdrug, because there are a thousand products just this good there, and they'll probably be under a quarter of the price.

Sammy xo.
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  1. Super disappointing that the product didn't live up to it's full potential! Great review xx

    i cry clouds

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