Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Hairstroke Eyebrow Tattoos - My Experience

In terms of my eyes in the below pictures, I don't normally look this shifty and snakelike, I had a ring light right above my head, I also normally have makeup on from my eyes upwards and I don't usually have cotton wool attached to my lashes. Now that we're cleared that up - let's talk about the brows.

I remember the first time I had my eyebrows waxed when I was fourteen, brought about by Bobbi Brown's teenager makeup book telling me that 'eyebrows are like curtains for the face' and ever since then I've been pretty much obsessed with how mine look - which which was a shame really, as I was not blessed with good brows. My brows, as I was told today, are naturally flat which makes my face look kind of squat. So, after years and years of various attempts at tinting, shaping and drawing on eyebrows (which takes me a solid forty minutes each morning) I decided to take the leap, and so yesterday, I had my brows hairstroke tattooed.

I have to admit that I didn't really know what to expect. Hairstroke and microblading differ slightly, and so most of the videos I had seem, which had been the latter technique, didn't represent the experience that I had when my eyebrows were tattooed. First let's address the fact that I actually didn't opt for microbalding though that is the top rated technique at the moment - and this is because I have oily skin and so microblading won't work as well for me, and the pigment is likely to spread under my skin much faster. Hairstroke brows have a similar outcome as microblading, however there is more pigment pushed further into the skin as it's done via a row of needles, like a tattoo, as opposed to via a blade as is done in microblading.

 After signing what felt like a nine page contract selling my soul (hey, I'd rather a technician that covered every single base rather than none at all) I was numbed up, my makeup was taken off of my forehead and I my 'before' photos (the bottom one on both of these pairs, as though you couldn't tell) were taken and I settled in for all the technical bits. First, the colour I needed was decided, based on my colouring and natural hair colour; a number of colours were swatched on my forehead, and when we had both decided on one, we made a note of which it was for future appointments. After this, based on my needs for my brows and my 'before' pictures, my pictures were input into a programme that showed the lines etc of where I would need to be tattooed to achieve the desired result. After this was drawn on my brows and okayed, and I was appropriately numbed up, we set to work.

Most people just want to know about the pain, but honestly there was barely and the whole thing was pretty therapeutic. It took just shy of an hour and a half from when I arrived in the studio to when I left sporting brand new eyebrows. My brows personally have been lifted slightly, with an higher arch added, giving them more shape - but you can have your brows made thicker, darker or just more filled in dependant on your needs. Now I have to admit that these weren't cheap, as I shelled out £270 for them, but they were so expertly done, have made me feel so much better about myself, and will last anywhere up top five years, so I have to say that I'm not too bitter about the whole thing.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, as I've undoubtedly left some things out - I'll update after my refill in a few weeks, and if you want to see pricing for Alex's services, where these particular brows were created and born, you can find her Facebook page here.

Sammy xo.


  1. £270 isn't bad for something that could last for up to five years! And it will save you so much time in the morning. Your new brows look fabulous x

  2. You'd probably pay more for waxing and tinting over the five years! They look incredible, and I love the fact that they went through all the options with you for each stage so that you got exactly what you wanted

    Steph -

  3. They look so good, I love them. Plus 5 years of brows on fleek! Always a winner. xxx

  4. I usually get mine microbladed and hadn't heard of this technique. 5 years is amazing!! It's so worth the investment xx Sophie /

  5. Thank you for covering this procedure! I have very small brows and it's the one thing that annoys me on the days I don't really want to wear makeup; I don't want to JUST put eyebrows on and nothing else.

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