Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Latest In; Lipsticks

I know it' not been long since I last did a new in post, but I have a serious amount of lipsticks piling up in my new in pile, and it's so overwhelming that I decided that they probably needed a post of their own, and as soon as humanly possible. Through various events, ventures and PR packages, I seem to have created a Spring lipstick wardrobe to envy, and so I figured that I should probably give them all a little screen time before I inevitably chuck them into a drawer and they get lost in the void with their brothers and sisters.

(Bottom To Top Swatches; Bachelorette, Daredevil, Beauty Queen)

First up the Makeup Geek Plush Mattes. I have these through giving them away through various business ventures such as #carnLIVal and what not, and so that means that I've managed to nab some for myself to add to my collection. These are a really smooth matte formula, and though some of the colours that I have (mainly Beauty Queen, the dark red) are a little patchy, they wear well, smell amazing and they seem to go on pretty well, even if they do need a little bit of layering. These are pretty small for what they are, they'll set you back $12, but they're a good formula and come in some really pretty colours, so they're definitely worth the investment.

(Bottom To Top Swatches; Joan Collins' Bella, Charlotte Tilbury's Stoned Rose, Joan Collins' Evelyn and Charlotte Tilbury's Velvet Underground)

Next up are Joan Collins Beauty and Charlotte Tilbury, and I've lumped them together because they look suspiciously like each other, just a different monogram on the cap, and a slightly different tone of bullet (Joan Collins is gold whereas Charlotte Tilbury is much closer to Rose Gold). I have to admit, they're even pretty close in formula, going on smoothly and pigmented and lasting for a good while before they need topping up. There's a slight difference in price, with Charlotte Tilbury setting you back £24, whereas Joan Collins will only (only being subjective here) set you back £18 - but both are really great brands, so if you find a colour in either that you like, it's probably worth shelling out for.

(Bottom To Top Swatches; Nebula, Energy, Isotope)

The Antimatter lipsticks from Illamasqua I'm just not quite as sure about - these are meant to be a semi-matte formula but definitely go on much closer to a solid matte, and although the deeper pink (Nebula) went on quite well for me, the other two shades that I've got do seem considerably more patchy, and so I think that these might be a little hit and miss. They're £20 each and so, personally, I would be wanting a little more than hit and miss, but they do have some amazing colours so it might be worth testing them in store to check them out.

That's all of the lipstick that I've been trying that I've had in my new in drawer lately! If you've been trying any new lipsticks, I'd love some recommendations!

Sammy xo.
Contains PR samples/items gifted to me by companies however all opinions are my own - please view my disclaimer for more information.

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