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My Favourite Escape Rooms Liverpool/Chester/Manchester

We go to a lot of escape rooms, and so we've been to not only a lot of different breakout companies, but a lot of individual rooms. I don't tend to blog about them most because it can be hard to do an entire post on an escape room when you can't take any photographs when you're in there, and you don't want to give any spoilers away - but I thought that today I'd give you a brief (ish) rundown of my favourite escape rooms within Liverpool, Manchester and Chester with as few spoilers as humanly possible - so, in no particular order... (I'd like to point out at this point that we got out of all of these rooms. One with only 6 seconds to spare, but that's not really the point, and escape is an escape).

1: Amphitheatre at Escapism Chester
This was literally one of the best rooms that I've done so far - to the extent that I was actually quite annoyed that Katy and I had done the room on our own because Kaz, our usually third escape room member, missed out on the experience. Meant to mimic Chester circa when the Amphitheater was a working attraction, you play the role of a slave who has an hour before battle - the only way that you can get out is to collect the gold bars around the room and pay off the master, otherwise you'll be put to death.

This is one that's really tailored to the city that it's in, which is not only fun but, especially when you've grown up learning so many stories about the city, seems a little nostalgic and almost personal. This was a five star room, and it was one of the harder ones that we've ever done, but if you want a truly immersive game that's tailored to the city that it's in the heart of; Ampitheater is definitely the one.

2: Armageddon at Gamescape Liverpool
Gamescape is a really cool little independent escape room in an old building that backs onto China Town in Liverpool. Though there's only three games in the entire building, it houses one of the most innovative escape rooms that we've ever done. Located in the Basement of the building, you're placed into a secret bunker to activate a mysterious weapon that can stop an asteroid destroying the whole of the planet.

This is a really modern escape room, with puzzles, challenges and technological bits and pieces like we've never seen in any other room. This gives a modern feel to the escape room traditions, without falling into the trap of making you into a detective or a spy. If you're into technology, or you've done a lot of escape games and you're looking for something different, make sure you head over to Gamescape. You'll even see us at the tenth place on the board for this game, so see if you can beat our time.

3: The Facility at Breakout Liverpool
This is one of the most intense escape rooms that we've played, and much harder and more full-on than it's counterpart Facility X in Manchester, by far. Don't let the small room deceive you here, because there's a lot to be done, with a surprise around every corner, and puzzles that don't have obvious answers to consistently keep you guessing. Here, you're placed into a room thinking that you're going to a conference, but really you're at the will of a mad scientist - and if you don't make it out in an hour, his virus is going to make sure that you never do.

This is slightly horror themed, but definitely not so much so that it would put me off going if I wasn't a horror fan, but the whole feeling of the room, an the complex nature of the puzzles, does make it a lot more intense than a lot of the offerings at Breakout Liverpool. This definitely isn't one of the easiest games that Breakout (across the board, not just in Liverpool) have to offer, but it's definitely not one that's so hard you'll be completely lost midway through - a good option for when you're getting good and you want a real challenge.

4: The Dream at Lucardo Manchester
This one is the trippiest, most bizarre room that we've ever done, but definitely one of the ones that we enjoyed most. We've consistently raved about Lucardo since our first game there before Christmas, but now that we've done all four, I feel comfortable sitting here telling you that if you can only do one, you should definitely pick the dream. Prepare to be blindfolded and let into a room, where you're led into your deepest subconscious. You're dreaming of the winning lottery numbers, but they're slowly slipping out of reach, and you need to get them before you wake up and they're lost in your subconscious forever.

Prepare to be completely lost for a good while in this one, seemingly hitting dead ends every time you find something until suddenly, a few minutes before you're ready to get out, everything will finally slip into place and you just might get out with enough time to spare. There's a couple of really nice unexpected twists in this one, and if nothing else the entire room has a theme that will leave you completely lost - a jagged, un-put-together type of an escape room, but in the best way possible.

So there you go - as of May 2017, here are my favourite escape rooms in Liverpool, Chester and Manchester; but if you have any suggestions, please do leave them below!

Sammy xo.

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