Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Pho Bold Street

Katy and I aren't very adventurous when it comes to food, mostly because we disagree on so many pieces of food and our likes and dislikes, and so when Pho Bold Street invited us along to try their Vietnamese menu, I was dubious. Nevertheless, we made the decision to step out of our comfort zones and head over to Bold Street in Liverpool to give their food a go. With a cool, fresh interior, a good location and staff that made us feel very welcome from the get go (even letting us move so we had better lighting when I was filming for my vlog), the food immediately had a lot to live up to.

I wasn't drinking when we went, and so whilst Katy opted for a cocktail made with rice vodka, I only had a sprite, which seemed a little boring when you saw all of the amazing alcohol options on the menu, but I quickly forgot about my boring drink when it came to ordering. For my starter, I opted for crispy, tender squid, though I was slightly worried by the fact that squid can be a little hit and miss, and I wasn't sure whether it was going to be battered, seasoned or completely bland. Luckily, it was lightly battered, and came with a side dish filled with salt, pepper and chilli which you squeezed lime into to made a sort of sauce and then dipped the squid into, which was much nicer that I'd initially anticipated. I also added Sriracha sauce for a little kick, which was also really tasty.

For our mains, we obviously opted for the restaurants namesake, Pho (pronounced Fu). This is a Vietnamese noodle soup, made with beef stock I believe. Katy opted for chicken and swapped her stock for chicken, but I had beef stock with flash fried steak and garlic - and let me tell you that these bowls come heaped, and you're not going to be going hungry any time soon after one of these. The bowls are full of (almost impossible to, with both chopsticks and a knife and fork I was definitely lacking some sort of skill) noodles, a thick warm broth, our chosen meat and a ton of veggies - but also come with a side plate full of additions that you can choose depending on your taste; including chilli, coriander, herbs, and other spices and herbs, some of which we were familiar with, and others not so much. There were also a number of sauces and oils on the table which you get a tutorial for, which help you to tailor you Pho to exactly how you'd like it.

We finished up our meal with a Chocolate Truffle Slab and a scoop of green tea ice cream and very, very full, decided that we couldn't possibly eat anymore. Even from an eater who likes to stick within her comfort zone for the most part, I have to say that the food was amazing, full of flavour, easily customisable and most of all - pretty affordable, with a three course meal with a drink here easily not even breaking the £30 mark. Bold Street is a whole melting pot of amazing cuisines, but if you're up that way make sure that you keep an eye out for Pho, because it's definitely something really special.

Sammy xo.
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