Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Pretty Pieces From Newbridge Silverware

I absolutely love dainty jewellery. I'm all about pretty dresses and elaborate make-up, and I usually want to be the kind of person that can rock huge costume jewellery, but the fact is - I don't want to be messing around making sure that it's perfect the whole day, and that it matches the rest of my jewellery and my outfit, and so I tend to opt for smaller, more dainty jewellery. Having said that - I usually pick silver jewellery, so when Newbridge Silverware offered to send me some really pretty jewellery pieces but in gold, I wasn't sure how much wear I'd get out of them - but ever willing to take on a challenge, I eagerly awaited their arrival and vowed to wear them anyway.

I love letting companies send me the things they're proudest of, or the pieces that PR's love the most and so I opted to do that this time for Newbridge Silverware and I was really, really pleased with the pieces that they sent over, the first of which I opened was this beautiful, dainty wishbone bracelet. If you know me well, you'll know I have a bit of a personal thing when it comes to wishbones, and so this couldn't have been a more perfect fit. Although the bracelet feels light, it's obviously good quality as it hasn't got a mark on it after a couple of wears (and I'm not exactly careful, with anything, ever) and I think that's pretty impressive seeing as this will only set you back £21. This has definitely been my most worn piece so far, and I've actually gotten so much wear out of it it's made me look at more gold bracelets on their website, which is definitely saying something from such a silver-or-die jewellery kind of girl.

Next up was a second really pretty, dainty bracelet, but this time with a star. I don't know what it is about this piece; perhaps that the star doesn't dangle, or perhaps just the star itself looking a little blocky, but this definitely isn't one of my favourite pieces. That's not to say it's ugly though, and it's certainly good quality as again it will only set you back £21, but it just looked a little more childlike against the other options that I was sent. Having said that, if you know someone who particularly loves stars, this is a really pretty, good quality and affordable option, which comes beautifully presented, and so it's definitely not a lost cause by any means.

I was lucky enough to also receive a necklace with a beautiful little crescent moon pendant, and this has also become something that I've reached for almost every day that I wear jewellery. This is sort of a mid-length necklace, not too long, but also definitely not anywhere close to a choker - and I thought that this would put me off, but it's actually made it really easy to wear with almost any outfit. This is a little more expensive and will set you back £26, but that's really not a lot to pay for such a beautiful well presented, and good quality piece of jewellery.

All in all, I'd really recommend Newbridge Silver; they're affordable, good quality, well-presented and really really pretty. I have my eye on the Bracelet With Charms at the moment, so keep an eye out for that on my the blog sometime soon! 

Sammy xo.
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  1. These pieces are right up my street. So beautiful. Xx