Thursday, 18 May 2017


Being an adult comes with a lot of decisions, and the answer for most of them comes down to a matter of priorities. Often these priorities are things like do you go out tonight when you know that you have to be in work first thing tomorrow? Or what do you spend your money on, food or holidays? There are a lot of priorities to get your head around on a daily basis - but for me, I've really had to consider and test my priorities in the past few weeks. I've had to finally be a really life grown up and make decisions that will result in a lot more than me having a bad head in work if I choose incorrectly.

I've had to decide what I want for my future - I've had to decide on my university place, make contingency plans, sit and decide whether I should put my mental health or my academic future first (no brainer by the way guys. Or brainer, as in, that should come first). I've had to decide whether to spend time working or book another holiday, I've had to decide whether I'd be willing to leave my home town, and this area, in order to keep up with my studies - Katy and I have had to decide whether we would move together to another city if it came to it, and whether we'd be willing to stay there for at least three years. There's been a lot to decide, and not all of it has been easy.

For a long while, in fact at least the year that Katy and I have been together, I have been so reluctant to make anything my priority, I have been happy to drift along and make no decisions for the fear that I'll only ruin what I do have - but now things have changed and I've realised that I know what my priority is; it's Katy. It's Katy and I, the marriage that we have on the horizon, the travelling that we're going to do together and the life that we're going to create. I've known that for a while though, the one that came as a shock is that my new priority is also me; I'm going to be selfish, get the education that I want, live a life that I want, I'm going to put myself first if and when it comes to it.

So things may change very soon, they may completely turn my head upside down - or they may not and, though they physically might not change externally, I feel like no matter what the changes: I have changed a lot internally. Sitting down and recognizing and identifying what I want in life, and who I want to be, has really changed a lot for me - so here's to the future.

Sammy xo.


  1. Wow, sounds like you've had a lot to think about lately! I hope you'll achieve everything you want from life. Good luck with everything :-)

    ♥ Jasmin N
    // Little Things With Jassy
    // BL’

  2. I think once you've got your priorities in check, everything else just falls into place and things start falling into the wrong place, you focus on your priorities and use that as a spring board for getting everything back on track! You've got this!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  3. It's so hard, prioritising. I think, to an extent, you should always put yourself first. It's important to work hard for what you want, but also keeping in mind those that matter most to you. So it sounds like you've got your priorities pretty well straightened out. Good luck! x x