Thursday, 11 May 2017

The 2 Years Since Coming Out

Katy reminded me last week, via the use of Facebook Memories, that it's actually been two years since I came out - crying on a bed that wasn't made in Chester, phone in hand after my Mum and Dad telling me they love me, and ready to put it out into the world. But, a lot's changed since then. A lot has changed in my own life; University, a job, my recovery - and even more has changed in our life, mine and Katy's, and so I'm here to talk about the two years since I came out (officially, I've been proudly gay a longer than that, you understand).

In the two years since I came out - Katy and I broke up. Let's address it first. We broke up, spent six months apart, and we learned to grow and thrive in our own selves, our own lives and our own environments. We spent time recovering, and maintaining that recovery singularly; and then when the time was right, fate intervened and threw us back into each other's paths. A few drunken nights, some single bed sharing pretending we weren't completely still in love with each other, a trip to Blackpool dungeons, a shooting star and two ironic infinity tattoos (because we didn't last forever, get it?) and we decided that this time apart had done us the world of good; but we were still in love with each other, and we wanted to try again.

In the two years since I came out - Katy and I travelled. Like a lot. To Poland, Latvia, Spain - this year to Portugal and Prague, next year to America. We have seen the world, together. Spent nights in foreign countries looking at the stars, lost in streets and having to rely on Uber to get us home, and (more nights than we like to admit) digging our way through crisp stands in Polish Supermarkets in order to find Pizza Monster Munch.

In the two years since I came out - Katy and I got engaged. After time apart, it became clear how much we valued the time that we had together - and so when Katy got down on one knee in sparkly bumblebee pyjamas, I said yes. There's not plans for a wedding yet, you understand, there's much more of the above point to do before we get to that stage - but for now we're happy, knowing that we have a world to see, a thousand places to explore, and a future together when we finally decided where, and when, we want to settle down.

In the two years since I came out, I have become a better version of myself. I have taken pride in the person I am and everything she has achieved, I have recovered, learnt, grown and I have so much more to work towards in the future. In the two years since I came out: everything changed.

Sammy xo.


  1. What a wonderful story, I'm so happy that everything worked out for you!


  2. Aw, such a lovely way to commemorate your history! Congrats on you coming out and your love!

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