Monday, 5 June 2017

Eva Professional Haircare Vitamin Recharge

A lot of you know about the length of my hair, but what a lot of you don't know (unless you're Alana or Katy and you were there to witness the slight meltdown I had about the issue in hand) was that it's so long at the moment because I've been much too embarrassed to have it cut. I haven't wanted to talk about it because it's been both frustrating and really stressful for me but for the last 6 months or so, I have suffered really badly from dry skin on my scalp, which leads to weeping sores and a lot of scabs. I believe partly this comes from the length of my hair, partly from stress and partly just because I am prone to dry scalp, but either way - when Eva Professional Haircare offered to send me their Vitamin Recharge range, I was more than relieved, and hopeful that it might do something for my hair.

Eva were amazing enough to send me both their Vitamin Recharge The Original and Their Vitamin Recharge OhLaLa Multi-action Jelly - which usually seem to cost about £19.95 each, or come in a pack together for £29.95 (trust me, you're going to want to get both). The Original Vitamin Recharge is a shampoo, though I've been finding that for me personally it seems to work better to work this into my scalp whilst it's dry and leave it for a while, like I would a hair mask. Then, I go to wash my hair, add just a slight bit of water to lather the product up and leave it a few more minutes, then finally wash it off like a normal shampoo and condition my hair with my usual conditioner.

The aforementioned long hair comes with a lot of issues, and one of the main issues that I face personally is that it takes almost no time or effort for my hair to get so knotted that it's basically matted, and this is really noticeable after a shower when I've been scrubbing at it. Helpfully, that's where the Vitamin Recharge Multi-Action Jelly comes in handy as this is a jelly like serum that you can put into wet or dry hair to help with soft, smooth hair - but if you put this in wet hair, it makes it considerably easier to brush through which, at this current part in my life, seems like a godsend.

So does this stuff work? Well genuinely, I think it might. Though it hasn't completely cleared up the issue with my scalp, at this point I don't think anything will, it has gone a long way towards helping me to feel a little more confident, and the issue has definitely started to err on the side of clearing up, though I'm nowhere near it being completely gone. This stuff really is expensive, but I have to say that I would definitely pay this again out of my own pocket, especially after seeing the condition that it's left my hair in. It smells amazing, does a top job and, especially if you have issues with your hair or scalp, it's really worth the £20, even if you only buy one out of the pair.

If you have any suggestions for my scalp, please help your girl out or I'll have Rapunzel hair before I ever get over my embarrassment for long enough to get this bloody mane cut.

Sammy xo.
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  1. This product seems very promising for hair growth and shine. I too feel embarrassed due to short and weak hairs and that’s why I wander through some good hair tips blog.