Saturday, 3 June 2017

Illamasqua Matte Veil

When I was first starting out with high end make-up, I remember that me and my girlfriend at the time were fully obsessed with the Illamasqua Hydra Veil. My girlfriend then was still in college and I was living on a McDonald's wage and going to college full time, so we definitely didn't have the money to splash on it; which is good, because my skin is oily as heck and definitely not the best suited to the product no matter how much it looks like slime which I thought was really cool at the time. Still, when Illamasqua offered to send me a Matte Veil I definitely jumped at the chance to try the variation much more suited to me.

Now full disclaimer - this doesn't have the cool slime aspect that returns to smooth after you leave it for a while that Hydra Veil has, instead it's a thick peach gel that almost reminds me of a type of putty, but it still is pretty cool with it's tiny spatula and the matte black packaging (a nice touch to contrast with the glossy packaging of Hydra Veil). Second tiny piece of full disclaimer; this is £34 which is so expensive however you look at it - but with that out of the way, let's talk about whether this is really worth the dollar (pounds).

This is now one of three variations of the original product; with Illamasqua offering Hydra, Matte and Radiance veils depending on the base that you personally want for your makeup. I distinctly remember when Hydra Veil came out this was never billed as being used as a primer, but I doubled check the Matte Veil and it definitely says Oil Control Primer and so I've been using it as directed; which is so unlike me, but definitely helpful in terms of this review. I haven't been using the spatula for this, I'll be honest, as the whole thing seems a little messy and unnecessary, but other than that, I've followed instructions to the t.

Is this the be all and end all? Definitely not. Does it help with oily skin? Some what. Since I've been in my twenties, the oil in my skins has definitely increased, which isn't really a surprise as I know my mum also has oily skin, but that means that I really do need something hardcore to keep my makeup on during the day. This product isn't bad, in that it definitely does help to control oil if I'm not particularly exerting myself, but if your skin is as oily as mine, it's definitely not enough for a hot day, or any time that you're doing something particularly sweaty.

I like this as a primer and it helps to keep make-up on, but I haven't been reaching for this enough because I know it can't keep my oil in check as well as some other products in my life right now (cough Murad cough). If you have combination skin and you're looking to stop the tiniest bit of oil, this might be worth the £34, but if you're any oiler than 'slightly in your t-zone' probably opt for something else to keep your make-up in line and your face as oil free as possible.

Have you tried any of the Illamasqua veils?

Sammy xo.
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