Wednesday, 7 June 2017

So Eco Face Kit

I'm all about a good brush kit and so when So Eco offered to send me their newest Face Brush Kit I absolutely jumped at the chance. We have a huge collection of brushes, and I can't say that So Eco are traditionally my favourites; but I'm all for trying new brands out, because you never know when you're going to find your next favourite brush and you definitely shouldn't rule out any underdogs (three words; Primark eyebrow brushes). So, without further ado, I put these brushes to the test to see how they really handle the pressure.

Very confusingly, So Eco do a whole number of brush kits that are all labelled 'face kits' but this one is the one without eye brushes but with a lip brush that has dark bristles, which I think may be the newer kit, and it retails for £18.99. For the price you get a small brush roll and four brushes; a Tapered Blending Brush, an Angled Contour Brush, a Round Foundation Brush and a Lip Brush and my main thing about this is that it seems to be so randomly put together. Why so many base brushes? Why no eye brushes? Why the one random lip brush? Although all perfectly great brushes to have, they don't seem to come together to form a really coherent kit, in my humble opinion - I might have liked to see one less base brush and at least one eye brush.

The brushes themselves are soft and of good quality and, like all the other So Eco brushes that I've tried in the past, they don't tend to shed too much either in use or during washing. They're strong brushes with really good wooden handles that just seem to feel expensive, though their price mark is really affordable. The contour brush is a little wide for me personally, and both foundation brushes seem like ones I would never use (I might have personally opted for a buffing brush) but there's no denying that whether I would use the brushes, they definitely are of fantastic products for those that would.

I think my main gripe with these is that I'm just not inspired by them. They're fantastic brushes that really stand the test of time when it comes to their quality, but they just seem to lack the updated factor; with so many new shaped brushes on the market, it seems that if So Eco could produce brushes in these styles, with the longevity of the brushes they have now for the prices that they're currently at, they could be rivalling the big companies. For now though, I'm happy to add the new face brush kit to my collection, and I hope to see some new, popular shaped brushes in So Eco packaging in the near future.

If you have any brush recommendations, please let me know below!

Sammy xo.
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  1. Ohh that's really interesting actually, when I saw new kit I was expecting something completely different, but by the sounds of it this one is just the same as their old brushes! A slightly different look seems to be the only difference. I have the old face kit, and it to came with a random lip brush as they have a separate eye kit I think. I do like So Eco though in terms of them being eco friendly and all that :)

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