Thursday, 27 July 2017

Changos Burrito

For someone who likes a lot of food, I'm quite a fussy eater; and so I tend to stray from anything that could contain anything that I don't like (which is a fair amount of things). So, when Katy told me that a restaurant had invited her to try them out - and therefore by extension, me - I was more than a little dubious when she told me it was burritos; aka. meat, rice and a lot of vegetables (most of which I tend to hate) all wrapped in a tortilla wrap. Nevertheless, I decided to stray out of my comfort zone so Katy and I headed to Changos to give it a go.

First things first; this is pretty much in a business district of Liverpool, just shy of being in hub around Liverpool One, and at first this seemed odd to us, but we head inside anyway and were met by a literal wall of people. After battling our way to the front, we got talking with the cashier who told us the guy we needed to speak to was working on the middle station of the burrito bar, which I have to say was really nice to see - as someone who has worked in a lot of food establishments where those higher up don't pull their weight, it was good to see him right in the centre of the action. Grabbing two trays, we joined the ridiculously long line and got ready to make up our burritos; and to be fair, as long as the queues get here, they do get through them all incredibly fast.

The good thing about Changos for us fussy eaters is definitely that you can pick and choose what it is that you want; so you can pick from wholegrain or white rice, different meats (pork, beef and chicken) and vegetarian options, then opt for peppers and onions if it floats your boat, then you can pick a sauce, have spicy or sweet salsa if you feel like it, then choose if you want nachos, cheese and guacamole. You can truly make these burritos yours, which is something that I really appreciate as there are so many things that I typically have to ask restaurants to take away of set menu items, this definitely takes the awkwardness out of a meal. 

Not only are the food options good (they offer gluten free and vegan options) and cheap (around £5.50 - £6.75 depending on what you pick and the size) - but the restaurant itself is lovely. Some small tables, with mostly canteen style dining, all kitted out with big murals, bright colours and neon lights - the whole place is cool, easy going and just pleasant. The longer we sat, the clearer it became that they were clever to put this on the edge of the business district and Liverpool one, because both tourists and shoppers, and office workers seemed to be flocking and queuing out of the door for affordable, quick and tasty food. I opted for a medium chicken burrito with peppers, onions, nachos, cheese and house sauce and it was amazing - well worth the price of McDonalds, for much nicer food (you even get an adorable bag of nachos).

Not only are Changos pulling off great food at even better prices, they're really friendly on social media, and they just seem to get the lunch market - filling a gap of something that Liverpool was sorely missing. I'd recommend popping in for a visit if you're around that way, and it's definitely worth the extra five minute walk to get there, even if you're not.

Sammy xo.
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