Thursday, 20 July 2017

Disney Pre-Holiday Wishlist

Some of you may know that for Katy’s birthday present, the two of us are heading off to Disneyland Paris in September. Having never been since I was a baby, and Katy never having been since she was around 6 or 7, it’s safe to say that we’re absolutely uncontrollably excited about the whole thing. The one thing that Katy really wants to do, and I’m more than happy to comply with, is dress in her to toe Disney for the day that we’re in the park, and so I’ve been keeping my eye out for bits and pieces that I really want to buy prior to us going. Without further ado, here’s my pre-holiday haul wishlist.

1: Peter Pan Dress - £12.99
Looking back on this dress to get the link I can see that they only have an extra small left which has broken my heart slightly, but it’s still definitely worth an honourable mention. This is so pretty and, for a dress that essentially has a film scene on it, it’s still pretty understated. Disneyland Paris in December is going to be pretty cold, I’d imagine, and so I would have to pair this with a thick but really pastel coloured cardigan, but this would look so cute, no doubt about it.

2: Jack Skellington Lounge Pants - £14.99
Okay I can’t wear these into the park, but Katy got some sick Disney pyjamas for her birthday and I’ll be damned if I’m not going to have some matching one. Unfortunately these aren’t a matching set, but they’re so cute (and actually pretty affordable!) that I’ll definitely look past it anyway. These are absolutely beautiful, and you know they’re going to be good quality when they come from Disney themselves. It’s true that the Disney Store don’t do a lot in the way of adult clothing, but what little they do do is so gorgeous that it’s worth paying that extra money for.

3: Snow White Large Poison Apple Locket Necklace - £85 
I’m slightly obsessed with the poison apple from Snow White and I really don’t know where it came from, because I’m not a big fan of the story at all. Still though, I’ve had brilliant jewellery from Disney Couture in the past, and it was really lovely to see this on the site as something a little different from the dainty silver or gold jewellery that they normally stick with. This is something unique, something big and expensive, but something that I’ve definitely fallen in love with since the moment that I laid eyes on it.

4: Disney Crew Socks - £9.99
These are so expensive, but I really, really like them and I knew Katy would the minute that she saw them (I was right, she just pointed them out as I was putting this post together). I know that these are pointless because unless I’m wearing a skirt or dress you won’t be able to see them, I know that these are expensive for socks that traditionally aren’t really even that comfortable to wear, but does that make me love them any less? No, no it does not. These are so cool, and keep an eye on my twitter because I’ll almost definitely buy them before we go and post them on there.

5: Disney Mrs Potts and Chip Crossbody Bag - £59.99
This is ridiculous, and actually almost ugly the more that I look at it, but I just don’t care - I love it so much. It wouldn’t go with any outfit I can imagine putting together for Disneyland Paris, people would think it was gaudy and my mum would shout at me for spending so much money on something so in your face and ugly, but I still really do love it.

I’m absolutely made up with finding these bits and pieces and I’m hoping I can craft them together into some kind of beautiful ensemble, though I’m not sure how well that will really go. Please do let me know any Disney bits and pieces that you’ve seen so I can add them to my list!

Sammy xo


  1. Haha i love what you said about the chip bag! I thought similarly with a cogs worth version i saw - i'd want to be paid £60 to wear it :P am sorely tempted by the dress though!

    YOU NEED TO GO TO PRIMARK! They have the best Beauty and the Beast selection :)

  2. I love that Peter Pan Dress! When I visited the website they were out of the dress in your wishlist. I saw that they do have a Neverland - Icons Peter Pan short cap-sleeve dress, but it doesn't have the beautiful mural print or the same beautiful colour combination that the Peter Pan Dress in your wishlist has. I love all the outfit pieces in your Disney pre-holiday wishlist - it would comprise a fabulous outfit!