Friday, 21 July 2017

How To Make The Most Of Travelling Light

I have to admit that, especially considering the amount that I travel around in England and beyond, I’m really not good at travelling light. There have been times we’ve done four or five days holiday and taken a case that’s teetering right on the weight limit when we get it to the airport, but I definitely am getting better, and travelling light can be really handy; especially if you need to be out of your accommodation early in the morning but don’t fly until late at night (ever tried lugging your 25kg suitcase into an escape room after a four day trip? I have). So, based on a lot of trial and error, here are my tips on making the most of travelling light.

1: The Paper Days Are Over
You simply don’t need a huge paper trail to get you through the airport these days, and in fact most things can be done just from your phone as long as you have internet, email capability, or you’ve thought ahead to take a screenshot. Travelling really changed for me when I stopped taking physical documents; download your boarding pass to your apple wallet (or the equivalent), keep your passport and EHIC tucked neatly Into your purse, and save all of your insurance documents to one email folder on your phone. You’ve done almost nothing, but managed to save yourself the space equivalent to that plastic folder your mum and dad still insist on taking to the airport.

2: Pick One Practical Pair Of Shoes
Try to base your outfits around one practical pair of shoes. We all have those shoes at home that we wear all of the time that seem to go with everything, and so just take them. I always take new shoes that I never wear because they cut my feet to shreds, and end up only wearing mint green high tops the whole holiday anyway, and that space has been nothing but wasted. If you’re walking a lot, you’re not going to need sandals so just wear your trainers, if you’re by a beach, you’re not going to need trainers so just pack your sandals. Doing a bit of both? Opt for something practical, then chuck in some 75p primary flip flops, which bend like you wouldn’t believe. Shoes are heavy and take up a lot more space than you’d imagine, so take as many out of your case as you can bear to part with.

3: Buy What You Can There, Or Take What You Can Leave
We’ve all been there in Boots two days before our holidays buying full bottles of shampoo just for us to lug it all the way to a foreign country; this is absolutely pointless when you think about it, and it’s just wasting space and weight. Take half empty bottles, any miniatures that you might have, or just buy it there. There’s no point in lugging heavy bottles of shampoo or body wash all the way to on holiday just to bring it back again, take half empty bottles that you can leave there at the end of your holiday to save on weight and wastage, or simply buy it there and leave it wherever you’re staying for the next person.

These are all simple tips, but definitely ones that have helped us the last few times we’ve been on holiday. When you plan on bringing a lot of foreign make up back, all that space and weight is absolutely vital, so no way am I wasting it on Elvive and uncomfortable sandals any more. If you have tips for travelling light, definitely leave them in the comments!

Sammy xo.

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  1. I travel for 5days with just a backpack from Topshop that is literally made of foam and is the best bag ever! I try to decant as many skincare items as possible and will be taking fave Nikes with me on holiday next week! Massive shout out to OGX mini shampoos - I have to use SLS free or my scalp kills me x