Saturday, 15 July 2017

Livia - An Off Switch For Period Cramps?

As someone with terrible period cramps, anything new on the market that could possibly help me get through the worst week of my month is considered a small miracle to me. I am, however, also on a constant budget and so Livia was something that escaped my grasp for a fair while given the price of it; but, when they offered to send me one to see if it worked for me, there was absolutely no chance I could resist this little box of magic (electricity) and so I gratefully accepted. You may be forgiven for thinking this is sponsored the amount I've spoken about Livia on Twitter and Instagram, but it's truly not; I'm just so fascinated by this little pink button.

Livia are describing their device as an 'off switch for menstrual cramps', which is putting themselves on a pretty big pedestal, especially for ladies like me that rely on some serious pain relief and the fact I don't have to get out of bed to work to get around the most horrendous cramps each month - so hoping for the best, but preparing for this to not work at all, I've been putting this to the test. First things first though we absolutely have to talk about the price, because this thing comes in at $149.00 (or, currently, $127.00 as it's on sale). I know that if you have cramps as bad as mine, this might seem like it's a small price to pay in order to be able to function normally during your worst cramps, but I also know that if you're as skint as me, price can be a real issue, so I thought it was worth mentioning straight up.

This is, essentially, a tens machine in a miniature format, with the 'flower' pads being the points of contact with your body, connecting back to the pink 'box' that is the machine itself, which you use to switch it on/off or up/down. This can get seriously powerful, so I recommend putting it on and then switching it up until the top point that you can't feel it any more. This for me is the time that it works the best, whilst being the most comfortable; though it's worth noting that sometimes if you bend over or move too quickly, there is a short, sharp, static-shock type of pain. Mostly though, this is really comfortable, and the tiny clip at the back of the box piece lets you clip it onto clothes, to ensure everything stays strong and in place.

So, does this thing really work? Well, to make it fair, I did one day full painkillers like I typically would, and one day with no painkillers at all, just my Livia, allowing me to best compare them. Painkillers aren't my best friend, but I'd say with these this period they barely took any edge off at all, walking helped to ease it but I definitely still had a fair amount of pain in my back and the tops of my legs, woe is me. With Livia, that pain really did still throb in my legs, but there was very little pain in my back or my stomach, which was a real godsend; don't get me wrong, you can definitely feel at least a little pain, but this definitely cuts those rough edges of awful pain away.

Is this worth the price tag? I'd say yes - but probably not on it's own. You're going to need some painkillers around on top of this, but if you combine the both, it definitely makes for a much more manageable period overall, in my humble opinion. Nice addition, you can also buy some extra skins to customise this to outfits etc. where it can't be hidden; and it's also chargeable, so the one thing you don't need to spend out on is batteries.

If you've tried a Livia, I'd love to know your thoughts on it!

Sammy xo.
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