Saturday, 1 July 2017

Missha 3-Step Purifying Mask

Until the past two years, I had always been really lucky with my skin. It was the best kind of combination where it bordered right on normal, I barely got spots unless I forgot to take all of my make-up off or had a period and I barely got dry or oily. Now though? Well, let's just say that my early twenties haven't been kind to me, and I now get incredibly oily across my t-zone, incredibly dry across the perimeter of my face, and spots bless my life every single day give or take. I'm still lucky, don't get me wrong, but I hate my skin at the moment, and so I've been trying just about everything that I can in order to get it back on track. In the last few weeks, what I've tried has been the Missha 3-Step Purifying Mask, which is a three step system to help target problematic skin.

This thing was hella cheap and came in a huge pile of sheet masks that I'd bought from StyleKorean, with this particular mask only setting me back $3.36. This one stood out to me from the rest purely because it is a three step process, and so it was a little bit more exciting than the rest of the sheet masks which is, to be honest, probably why it made the cut; I'm a sucker for gimmicks, you all know this by now. The first step was a peeling gel, which is essentially like the chemical exfoliators that supposedly pull the dry skin off as you rub your fingers into your skin; which does show a lot of flaking over the sink, but whether this truthfully is skin remains to be seem. I have to admit though, it does make me feel like my skin is softer, whether or not it really is working how they claim it is or if it's just a placebo, so I wasn't too bothered about the whole thing.

Step 2 is just a thin essence; which supposedly increased the absorption of the serum that's infused into the sheet mask, and I can't really comment much on this because it just feels like water on the skin and I wouldn't really be able to tell how the mask was without the essence. Irregardless, this didn't break my skin out and so I'll count this one as a win - it certainly did make my skin feel soft and really shiny, but it did only last for about two minutes before I put the sheet mask on, which makes it pretty much moot when you consider it that way.

Step three, the final step, was of course the sheet mask - and this was absolutely doused in serum. Though the mask was absolutely fine to wear for ten minutes, I did find myself wishing it had those ear pieces to keep it in place - it wasn't at risk of falling off at any point I don't think, but I was constantly worrying about it and fussing which made the whole thing less enjoyable, but that's definitely just a personal thing. I wore it for ten minutes, took it off, rubbed the serum in and that was that. So did it work? Well it did dry out the spots, but it definitely didn't make me feel like it was getting rid of them in the way that mud masks do - it felt as though it dragged all of the moisture out of my skin, and I didn't see enough of a result to make it worth it. For $3.36 though, it was definitely worth a bash.

If you've ever tried any masks for problem skin, please do point me in the correct direction because I need all of the help that I can get right now!

Sammy xo.

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