Sunday, 16 July 2017

Things You Need To Do In Nuremberg

You might not know if you don't follow me on Twitter (shameless plug right there) as I've been away from my blog for an age anyway, but this week Katy and I have gotten back from Nuremberg in Germany. New countries always seem incredibly exciting to me, and so I was ready to drink in absolutely every sight, building and tourist attraction anyway but Nuremberg was really something special; like modern life suspended in some sort of odd fairytale bubble. It felt like we saw just about the entire city on foot, trams and in taxis and so, before I forget, I thought I'd share my top things to do in Nuremberg.

1: Go To The Toy Museum
This was something that was very different than I had anticipated, but definitely worth a trip. There are toys right from the 1700's onwards, with cute little windy stairs, games to play on the way round and even an entire room to leave your kids in if they want to actually play with the toys, instead of trailing behind you just looking at them behind glass screens. If you're in a rush and want to make the most of your €5 entry price, definitely head straight to the dollhouse floor and marvel at tiny kitchen tiles, washing machines and all sorts of beautiful houses and cross sections. This isn't going to take up a whole day by any means, but it's definitely a lovely little building down a beautiful side street with a nice little outside cafe if you manage to go when it's not torrentially raining (we did not manage to do that).

2: Hike (I'm Being Dramatic) Up To The World's Ugliest Piece Of Public Art
Okay, it's only actually one of them, but this is a huge dead rabbit with wires in it's eyes (maybe it lights up? The nights were too long for us to hang around to find out, I'm afraid) sharing it's crate with mice. Or other rabbits. We aren't too sure. I won't ruin this by putting a picture in (you can certainly google it from that fantastic explanation) but this is easily gotten to either on foot or by tram, just be aware it's at the top of the hill if you're going when it's hot, or raining, or both. This is bizarrely ugly and placed right in the centre of the most beautiful little courtyard that I've ever seen, but it's definitely worth a trip if you've got decent weather or a tram pass.

3: Dream About Houses Between The River
You can nip into some really cute restaurants here if you're bored of jut imagining your life in one of these houses that are nestles between the two forks of the river, but honestly take the time out to marvel at bright coloured flowers on the sills of tiny little windows, and sit on the bridge and wile the time away, or even grab a Starbucks from one of the coffee shops in the world with the best view. The rivers are both beautiful, and there's plenty to do around them to make a trip down there worth it, plus on the opposite side of the river to all the shops, you'll find a beautiful little red and white striped market with everything from fresh fruit to street food.

4: Spin The Ring And Have Your Wish Granted
That market that I mentioned literally about twelve words ago? Well just behind there is a tower of pure gold. Though it might look like just a statue, though a very, very expensive one, there's a lot more to this beauty. Head over and find the gold ring amongst the black fencing that surrounds the statue and follow the kids clambering up there to get their hands on it. Rumour is that three spins of this unassuming gold ring will grant your wishes, so secure your place in the queue and make sure you get in there. Whether you wish for a happy, long life or just a trip back to Nuremberg in the future, only time will tell if the folklore is true.

If you've been to Nuremberg I'd love you know what you would recommend, as I plan to go back as soon as humanly possible. If you go to Nuremberg and try any of these, let me know your thoughts!

Sammy xo.

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  1. Oooo that toy museum sounds so awesome, especially the dollhouse floor! I love old-fashioned toys. The gold ring is such a cute tradition :) The houses by the river sound dreamy... I'd love to see them myself some day. I've always wanted to visit Germany x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey