Sunday, 23 July 2017

Tips and Tricks For Easy Foreign Travel

Travelling abroad can be stressful. Okay, not so much now that I do it a ridiculous amount, but definitely when Katy and I started travelling, we used to pack weeks in advance and worry that we still didn’t have everything that we needed (for our latest holiday, we packed at midnight the day before we left and didn’t even check it over or look to see if our outfits matched. Mine didn’t). Now we’ve become the queens of the European mini break, we’ve found a lot of ways to make travelling that bit easier - so here are some tip and tricks for your next eurotrip. 

Take Less Money Than You Need
This is especially true if you travel as much and as widely as Katy and I do. We don’t often visit countries with the same currency more than one in a row, or sometimes even in the same year and we just don’t have the space, inclination, or money to leave leftover’s lying around for us to dig them out when we return to a place where we can use them. The last few trips Katy and I have done we’ve taken less money than we needed and taken money out there - we’ve had no issues at all, just use a reputable bank or cash machine there, make sure you inform your bank that you’re travelling before you go, and if you worry about being charged look into something like a Caxton Card in lieu of your own debit card. This way we spend less money, but we know we have it right there are our fingertips should anything go massively wrong (like, breaking a hole in the drywall of our apartment, or suchlike scenarios.)

Don’t Take A Case If You Can Get Away With Hand Luggage
Katy and I love a good case, and this is mainly because we don’t like to have a luggage allowance when bringing things home, however - there’s a lot to be said for just taking hand luggage. Many budget airlines will let you take a handbag that’s small enough to go under your seat, and a carry on that can go in your overhead, which makes for a lot of space, especially if you have a cabin sized suitcase. If you’re going for a few days, hand luggage is definitely more than enough, and if you want to bring liquids or makeup home? You can always book one of your bags on as hold baggage when you’re still in your holiday destination, but you’ll only have to have paid for it one way. Generally speaking, you could just not buy make-up and spend no money on baggage at all, but for make-up junkies like Katy and I, just remember that you don’t have to bring cases both ways if you can juggle your hand luggage the right way.

Remember New EU Roaming Charges (And Your Portable Charger)
New roaming charge laws mean you won’t be charged outside your normal tariff for use of your phone in other European countries (though definitely check a list of exclusions because I have no doubt that anyone who can get around this in any way probably will). Basically, your contract works exactly the same whether you’re in your kitchen at home, or lounging by a pool in Spain - so make the most of it. Bored one afternoon? Google map to the nearest big attraction, find ticket prices out for things you might be interested in, or even scout out your nearest ATM for no more than you would at home. Make sure you bring a portable charger though - maps are seriously draining for your phone, and you don’t want to be out of juice when you spot that perfect Instagram photograph.

There are a ton more little tips and tricks I have, and if you want to hear them please do let me know, but for now, leave any tips you have in the comments to make everyone’s life whilst travelling a little easier.

Sammy xo.

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