Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Toni and Guy Glamour Serum Drops

I know I regularly talk about my long princess hair, and in fact so many of you comment on it whenever I post a picture of myself; but the truth is, it’s in pretty shit condition. I’ve never had hair in bad condition before, but last year the ends were bleached, and as this has grown out, my hair has gotten incredibly long and I haven’t gotten around to having it cut - the end of my hair particular look absolutely awful. I could have this cut off, admittedly, but I just never seem to get around to doing so, and so good haircare (like, good enough to make it look as if I’ve had a hair cut in the last year) is a saviour for me; and that’s where Toni and Guy Glamour Serum Drops come in.

This tiny glass bottle (seriously though, it has some gorgeous packaging) packs a serious punch, claiming ‘high shine and polish’ but honestly delivering that and so much more. I have oily skin and even oilier hair, so I have to be really careful about what I put on my hair or I can be dry shampooing from three minutes after putting the hairdryer down - but a bit of trial and error means that I have this one down, and I can use it to get sleeker, shinier and healthier hair without too many issues in terms of oily hair - which is something to celebrate when this stuff will only set you back £8.25, which really isn’t that bad.

This is a really ‘thin’ oil as they go, and rather than feeling oily and greasy on your hands, it definitely leans more towards feeling glossy, if any of that makes sense to you, sitting at home on your laptop, or on the tube on your phone not physically feeling this in the way that I am. Though not a dry oil, it feels much closer to this than to the alternative, and if you overload your hands with this, it’s definitely one that you can simply wipe off with a dry cloth, rather than having to use alcohol gel or water to stop everything slipping out of your hands for the next three days like you’ve opted to live in the world of Tom and Jerry.

This has a really distinctive, and very typically Toni and Guy, scent - it’s not unpleasant at all, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin describing it. It’s quite a heady, strong aroma and if you’re sensitive to scent, you’re definitely going to want to use less of this on your ends than I do because it can knock you a little bit sick throughout the few days between washes. I find it best to leave my hair damp, absolutely douse the very ends in this oil and then dry it. Though if you leave this to dry naturally it will still work, it definitely looks much sleeker if you dry it yourself, as you might expect from the general condition of your hair when you compare the two.

It goes without saying that this stuff is a good choice for an emergency fix, and so it’ll likely still work wonders on normal hair that just needs a little shine boost. Definitely avoid your roots when dousing this on your hair, but stick to just your lengths and your hair could have a whole new lease of life for less than a tenner (which is considerably cheaper than a cut, blow and colour). If you’ve got any miracle hair tips, please do leave them below.

Sammy xo.
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  1. It seems quite expensive for the size bottle but a little bit probably goes a long way, I always found toni & guy products to have a very distinct smell too xx

    Jodie | www.jodieayrex.com