Saturday, 22 July 2017

Waltz 7 - Make Your Own Shower A Spa

I really love it when products come along that are so simple, and so easy to use, that they really seem special. I’m not talking about big products that change your entire life, but rather little things that just makes you feel really relaxed and like you’re treating yourself. A little way to get this treat feeling without needing an hour or so to soak in a bath lies in tiny little foil packets from Waltz 7 - these Aroma tabs will make you feel as though you’ve just stepped into a spa when you’re just getting into your 8am shower before work.

Don’t get me wrong, these things really aren’t going to change your life, but on a day when you really need some sort of pick me up in the morning, or perhaps some sort of relaxation at night, these can really come in handy. These come in seven different scents; inspiring lemongrass, energising mint, relaxing lavender, calming forest, relaxing rose, inspiring lime and relaxing pine - and each one is a little slice of relaxation to put right in the bottom of your daily shower. So what are they? Tiny blocks of powder that you put under the stream of water, and when the water hits them they release aromatherapy oils to relax, energise, inspire or calm you, depending on what scent you’ve picked.

So do they work? Yes, they do. These little unassuming white blocks let out a serious amount of aromatherapy oil that makes you feel tranquil, energised or relaxed - depending on what you’ve picked. They’re not perfect, and you’re definitely not going to be mistaking your own shower for that facial that you had for your birthday in a spa once; but, they definitely are going to perk up your early morning shower on those days when it needs just a little something. I do think that these would work better in showers that are floor to ceiling, rather than those with open tops, as for the full effect I feel like the steam would need to be trapped and circulate the shower - but even if you can’t entirely redesign your bathroom based on a one-use product, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

The one thing I would say about these is, as you’d imagine, they’re definitely not for those of you sensitive to smell, and with certain scents in the range it really hits your eyes or the back of the throat and makes you cough, which is less than pleasant. I think it’s more a case of needing to get used to using something that is so overwhelming when it comes to scent, but the last few times I definitely haven’t had this reaction, and so hopefully it is something that you get used to if you carry on using these genius little products. Though, probably don’t use them every single morning anyway, just to be on the safe side.

These things will set you back around €14.50 for a box of seven, and you can opt for all one scent or a few different ‘mixture’ sets so you can try everything to get a real feel for what you might like, and they're even vegan! If you’ve tried these, I’d really like to know your thoughts!

Sammy xo
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