Wednesday, 23 August 2017

A Life Update

Seeing as I've been sporadically in and out of here for the last few weeks, I thought I'd use this return to discuss where I've been and why I haven't been quite as regular as I have been in the past with posting. I know I don't owe it to anyone, but you all know how much I love Little Fickle and so being away from here always feels a bit strange, like a part of me is missing - and thought I have been keeping up for the most part, I wish that I could be here more, posting every day like I did in the year I was ill and this blog was life raft. I wish I had enough time to post about all of the good stuff that's happening now, but as life goes - I always had time to dwell on the bad stuff then, and I seemingly never have enough time to dwell on the good stuff now.

I've been working, a lot. This is stressful, tiring and it makes me grumpy a huge chunk of the time - but picking up my hours and going from part time to full time hours has allowed me and Katy to travel, a lot. Before the end of the year we'll be travelling to Disneyland Paris, Prague and Lublin, and then finally, in the New Year, Boston will actually be rolling around. By the time we go to Boston, it'll have been near enough a year from the time we booked it and I can't believe that it's finally coming round in a few months time, working is stressful, but keeping foreign places I can't wait to explore on the horizon is definitely helping to keep me motivated when I'm finishing at midnight and going straight to sleep to start again at eight.

Katy and I have also been trying a lot harder to get out and do things, we did a day at V Festival (not the weekend that we had hoped, as my anxiety was too bad, but still a win for me I feel), we've been going to the cinema a lot more, walking into town, and just making sure that I get out of the house. Spending all my time cooped up in one room can have me going a little cabin-fever-ish, but getting down to the sea can definitely help. I'm not really used to living with Katy quite yet, though it's been a year, and getting to the bottom of her road and finding a huge expanse of water, beach, arcades and beautiful views still sometimes takes my breath away, and it's definitely a huge change from the leafy, green, conservation area that I'm used to living in and growing up around. I'm only twenty minutes down the road from my parents, but looking out onto the water still seems very, very strange to me some days.

The biggest thing, of course, at the moment is the impending promise of a new university, taking a new course. I've had to put in a lot of work, asking permission to take a specific minor, working out how I'm going to afford to drop hours and applying for financial independence to try and work out how I'm going to live and study at the same time. It looks, for the moment (touch wood), like I will be taking Spanish and Basque, and so I'm going to be working pretty hard a lot of the time, but for me personally, I find that working hard and always being busy is pretty good for my mental health; I just need to make sure I'm eating good food and getting enough sleep, or you all know I'll be bitching all over twitter about how hard my life is.

All in all though, I'm not dropping off because things are so awful for once - things are good, and I've been so busy enjoying life that sometimes it runs away with me, but I do miss being here, and I hope from now forward I will be on here a little more often.

Sammy xo.

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  1. This is lovely to read! I'm so glad that things in your life are going well, it sounds like you have so many exciting things coming up too, and that always helps keep you motivated and feel good! x x