Monday, 7 August 2017

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

I’m really not one for gadgetry other than sticking to expensive apple products because that’s what I know best - and so when Amazon offered to send me their new Fire 7 Tablet to try, I jumped at the chance. I’m always looking for things to make my life easier, and something like a Fire can go a long way to making day to day life run that bit smoother. Whether it means not having to carry heavy books on holiday when we only have hand luggage, or having an extra screen to play around on and browse the internet with when my phone has died unexpectedly at 16% - I was all for giving the Amazon Fire 7 a real run for it’s money to see just what it’s made of.

I have to admit that I was really dubious about this thing, especially when I saw the price tag. Call me an electronics snob (is that a thing?) but a tablet with claims that range as far and wide as the  Fire coming in at under £50 (for 8gb of storage, a 7” display and compatibility with Alexa) definitely seemed to be too good to be true - and so I’ve been testing this for around two and a half months to check the longevity, durability and general wear and tear that this thing could last through. I wasn’t going to be tossing this around and sitting on it, of course, but chances are this would have to last through being chucked into my bag and dragged around university at some point, and so it only seemed fair to give it more than a few days of light testing.

 The one thing I will note about this in comparison to the Apple products that I’m used to is definitely the battery life, something that really has it’s pros and cons. Though the battery on here dies much slower, in my experiences, that it does on it’s Apple counterparts, the very frustrating thing I found personally was that it took so long charging it up that I began to really dread doing it. Though it’s probably not too much longer than my laptop or phone, it felt like it was almost cartoonishly slow, and this was one of the major niggles for me. Though it did last longer on one charge than I’d expected, it just didn’t seem to be long enough for me to justify the incredulously slow charging speed.

Having said that - the device itself is fantastic. Less customisable than I’m used to on most modern devices, though plenty of apps to make it perfect for you anyway, but I found that I liked this - I found I liked the easy to use setup, the idea that this was for business and pleasure but without the bells and whistles that you don’t really need and so, therefore, without the giant price tag. These are user friendly, hard wearing and generally just a pleasure to use - they’re not made to be customised and shown off, but rather they’re made to do a job - and it’s certainly a job that they’re doing well, whether I’m playing Papa’s Pizzeria or getting some blog work done sitting in bed.

It isn’t perfect; save the charging issue I mentioned before, I noticed that it’s easy to scratch, it can be slow at times and it can be a little too child-friendly looking in it’s primary coloured options, but is it worth the £49.99? Undoubtedly. If I get a year’s worth out of this and it breaks on me, it still would have been worth the money, though the way that it’s looking - it’s going to last a fair bit longer than that.

Sammy xo.
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