Friday, 4 August 2017

Creating Our Perfect Room

For a while now Katy and I have been discussing the possibility of us creating a room that better represents both of us, especially as we don’t really have the money to move out currently. Though we’ve tossed around a lot of ideas, from completely upcycling everything, to buying brand new white furniture and nothing else, we finally settled on a mixture of the two to put together a room that most felt like we belonged in it. We’ve stuck with a simple white and grey theme when it came to walls, blinds, carpet and so on, and so that’s allowed us a lot more colour to play with beyond this - something I can’t wait to put together properly.

Our main issue with getting all upcycled furniture was that, though we had some furniture that needed to be cleared out due to splinters, broken bits and general wear and tear, we had a lot of brand new furniture that we really didn’t want to have to get ride of and replace, and all of this furniture is bright white, clean cut Ikea offerings. So, we decided that, as we were going to need some more bright white kallax boxes to make the base of our bed (you heard that right, we’re making our own bed), it was best to keep all of the furniture a uniform white Ikea offering. White on white for furniture and walls might sound boring, but we both agreed that this was the best way to create an easily changeable blank canvas for us to work within. 

After the furniture and carpet are in, then come the fun parts. Katy and I, with some help on this part because though DIY has been a steep upward learning curve - power tools are something else entirely, have decided on a window seat, allowing for more storage. This also allows for better use of a piece of our room that has no really vertical or horizontal walls to utilise, and so we’ll again be painting this white, creating a grey cushion to form the top and then decorating with bright coloured cushions to add a pop of colour when you’re sitting in front of the window, or when you’re walking into the room as this is what you face.

Based around storage again, we are actually creating our own bed out of Ikea Kallax units, as a little DIY and some creative thinking allows for us to make a bed with a considerable amount of storage (much more so than a traditional storage bed) for a much cheaper price. We are using Kallax storage squares of various sized to create a square frame for our bed with a hollow gap in the middle, then making a basic timber frame with legs in order to hold our mattress. Although we will be losing some space in the middle (though this likely could be utilised in some way, I’m still sleeping on that one), the boxes around the outside create a veritable wonderland of space for nick nacks, books and new in bits and pieces that mean we don’t have to constantly dig round for whatever we’re looking for in boxes and bags. It will also have an adorable set of steps and appear to be a really cool platform bed.

The last thing I’m going to mention in this post (there’s so much more, but until it’s done and I can show pictures, trying to explain things has got me well and truly stuck) is our gallery wall, and this is something that we’re currently working really hard on. Katy and I each have our own creative talents, and where Katy excels at writing, I’m more a stick things together until you create something pretty kind of girl - and this is going to form the basis of our gallery wall. We are collecting old mismatched frames and painting them bright pastel colours, these will then be filled with Katy’s poems, my art, we’ll have some string art on the wall, some embroidery pieces and - right in the centre - a bright pink neon ‘girls girls girls’ sign. It’s going to be bright, mismatched and so gloriously Katy and I.

When it’s all done I’ll be posting about things that we’ve upcycled, and bits that we’re really proud of - but, for the moment I just wanted to take some time out to discuss why I’ve been away, what we have in mind for this DIY project and let you leave any cool homeware shops in the comments!

Sammy xo.

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  1. Ooh wow! I've always wanted a platform bed. I bet your room will look so awesome once it's all finished! Good luck :) x x