Thursday, 24 August 2017

European Holidays You Can Get For Your Budget Right Now

I know a lot of people struggle to find cheap holidays and, though it's always easy to say 'this is how I do it', the whole thing can be a little bit overwhelming if you're not used to scouring travel websites to the extent that Katy and I are. I thought that, to better show you what you can get for your money, I'd set out a number of budgets and show what you can get for your money right now if you're willing to dig around a bit. This is only taking into consideration flights and accommodation, baggage and whatnot would be separate, but it's definitely worth considering taking only hand luggage.

Obviously, this can vary a bit depending on where you'd flying from (though I have tried to pick a variety of airports for a bigger cross section) - but here are some ideas of what you can get for your budget, starting from £75 per person. I have, it's worth noting, also picked 'entire home' Airbnb's - if it's your jam to have a private room in a house, you could probably do each cheaper again. All prices are correct at the point of writing this post, but do vary slightly day to day.

Under £75 per person (£75 exactly, or £108 for 2 people, based on sharing the accommodation)
2 Nights in Katowice, Poland (Flying From London)
The first time I ever went to Poland I flew back from Katowice; the airport is tiny, but the city is really, really beautiful. For this particular deal you would be flying with Ryanair from Stanstead on 15th November 2017, then back with Wizz Air to Luton on 18th November 2017; but you'd be staying in this gorgeous, modern Air BnB in the city centre, and it'll be a nice trip away from rainy England. Poland is always cheap - so even if this deal isn't one that you can make happen, definitely for a short break, it's worth considering to keep your costs low. I mean, come on, you couldn't get a night in a hotel for £75 in England.

Under £100 per person (£97 or £115 for 2 people, based on sharing the accommodation)
4 Nights in Sofia, Bulgaria (Flying From Doncaster)
Katy and I really want to go to Sofia, and there's absolutely no denying that this is a really, really good deal. For this one, flights would be both to and from Doncaster with Wizz Air, flying out on the 8th November or 12th November; and you'd be staying a little bit outside of the city (around 15 mins) but you'd have great transport links and a really pretty (if a little old-fashioned) Airbnb. The real hard bit here was finding centrally located places to stay for an affordable price, but if you booked this a fair bit ahead of time, I definitely think that you could recreate this at another time (you could probably even get it a little cheaper). This Airbnb and the above Airbnb also don't charge you for an extra person, so you can do a cheap break with a friend or partner and you'll cut the price down again.

Under £150 per person (£140 or £265 for 2 people, based on sharing the accommodation)
5 Nights in Prague, Czech Republic (Flying From Liverpool)
I'm so annoyed that Katy and I couldn't get this apartment for when we're going to Prague, because it's absolutely beautiful. However, for this one you'd be flying from and to Liverpool with Ryanair, and heading out on the 10th January 2018 to come back on the 15th. This apartment is gorgeous and centrally located, and Prague is so cheap when you're there that you'd really be silly not to book this right this minute (Liverpool is a great city too, stay here for a night, give me a holler and we'll go for drinks). The one annoying thing about this is that the apartment really spikes in price when you add a second person onto the Airbnb booking; it's still fairly affordable and will lower this price per person down, but you could probably get a better deal again if you found a better value apartment.

Under £200 per person (£198 or £231 for 2 people, based on sharing the accommodation)
7 Nights in Budapest, Hungary (Flying From Stanstead)
Another one departing from London, sorry, but I'm so in love with the idea of Budapest that it definitely had to feature on this list. You'd be flying both to and from Stanstead and would be in Budapest from 17th-24th January in this modern, really cool flat next to the museum. Katy and I are going next year and will definitely look at this apartment as it's so affordable, artistic and in a fantastic location. This is one that doesn't charge you for an extra person as well, and it actually sleeps up to four - so it could be worth paying the extra, calling all your girlfriends and staying here in order to bring the price down for you all. Any excuse for a holiday, eh?

I wish I could be more specific for each and every one of you out there (and actually if you ask me on twitter I'd be happy to find specific holidays for you because I bloody love doing it) but I just wanted to give you an idea of what you could expect for your dollar at the minute if you're looking at a European break. Let me know if you book them, use my Airbnb code if you want to send some dollar my way (and save some yourself) and happy holiday-ing!

Sammy xo.

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  1. LOVING that you've done a post like this after you tweeted about wanting a job doing this the other night! This type of thing is so useful for people and a skill that not many people have.