Thursday, 10 August 2017

Hotel Chocolat Little Dippers

I love chocolate year round, but there’s very little that I get as excited for as I do for Hotel Chocolat new season releases. Normally, I have to say, it’s Christmas that makes my heart skip a beat and the butterflies in my stomach flutter - but this year, there’s one particular Summer release that has truly won over my heart; the Little Dippers. I was lucky enough to get a package from Hotel Chocolat that had both the Strawberry Ripple Ice Cream and the Choc Ice Little Dippers in, and I have to say that they’re something pretty special.

Not only are these tiny bites of chocolatey goodness, but they come with a special superpower; these ice creams themed treats can be put in the fridge to chill them down and make them seem even more authentic - you have to admit, that’s pretty cool. These don’t come in cheap at £6.50 a bag, but in the smaller bag you can get Strawberry Ripple and Choc Ice flavours, and there’s a bigger £10 bag of Scoops To Chill Big Dippers including flavour as wide as blood orange and melon amongst others. They’re gimmicky (and we all know I love a gimmick) and expensive, but are they worth parting with your hard earned cash?

Well, in short, some are. Namely, I would say that the Choc Ice variation are - they're crisp, milk chocolate on the outside, with a soft, creamy vanilla filling; and when warm these taste like choc ices (though that taste does edge close to what a vanilla liqueur tastes like, if that's something that you don't like) - but when cooled down, these really do mimic the taste of the ice cream that they're named ever; with the centres firming up slightly and generally the whole thing changing texture just ever so slightly, to the extent it genuinely feels as though you're eating a tiny choc ice.

The ones I'm less fussed on, though Katy loved them, were the Strawberry Ripple Ice Cream variation. These are white chocolate on the outside, with a very strong strawberry filling in the centre - and I have to admit that, though these do taste like ice cream, I find them to be a very strong taste. To me, the strawberry in these is overpowering, and the whole thing is just a little too sickly for me to be on board with - but Katy really liked these; so if you have a big sweet tooth, and a love for white chocolate and strawberry, you just might be on board with these.

All in all - I think these might be gimmicky (okay, so they definitely are), but they are something cool and inventive, and something a little different to treat yourself to over the Summer months. Get some in the fridge, get the BBQ going, and get ready to get into the true spirit of Summer with Hotel Chocolat.

Sammy xo.
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