Saturday, 12 August 2017

Kat Von D Rock Candy Studded Kiss Lipstick Set

If there's one thing that Katy and I don't really need, it's lipstick. Conversely, if there's one thing Katy and I will always weirdly store though we use the same 6 colours between us, it's also lipsticks. So, when Kat Von D sent me a set of goodies that included the Rock Candy Studded Kiss Lipstick Set, I was more than happy to see a new set of colours to add to our ever-growing collection. I'm pretty familiar with Kat Von D makeup, though I've only used their liquid lipstick in the past, and so it was good to get my hands on these and try them out to see if they matched up the the high standards I'd normally expect from Kat Von D.

These range in colour from bright pinks to a soft lilac grey, and each one is in a pretty plastic packaging that looks like squared based studs. As pretty as these are, they aren't very sturdy - the lids come off with little to no pressure and I quite often find them lying around with no lid to be seen, but if you can get past that, they're definitely a nice little set to have in your collection. That’s not to say though that they’re particularly out there colours - though the lilac grey and the dark purple are something a little different - that will be severely lacking in you make up bag.

These do have a good formula though, I have to be honest - they're pigmented, smooth and opaque in just one go - but they just don't really catch my imagination like I hoped they would. Though the lilac grey has me thinking of new looks that I could wear alongside it at V Fest in a few weeks, the other colours just don't inspire me as much as I'd hoped when I initially saw the packaging - and some of the colours actually just look really similar, to the point where I feel like I just don't need them in my collection; something I don't usually feel this soon into my ownership (buyers remorse usually kicks in three weeks or so in, in those last painful days before payday. We've all been there.).

 (Bottom To Top: Ziggy, Babe, Crush)
(Bottom To Top: Ozzy, Roxy, Zero)

All in all - these are definitely pretty, and the formula definitely doesn't disappoint - but I just want more from them. Perhaps it's just that I'm spoilt by a huge lipstick collection and so these just seem to blend in too much for me to really consider them some sort of special addition, but I only wish that the lipsticks themselves stood out as much as the packaging does. I would say these are definitely good to try out a few options of Kat Von D lipsticks, or if you're starting out and your lipstick collection isn't very big or very varied (especially for only £34 for the 6 smaller sizes), but if you've got a collection as big as ours? Probably save your money (to spend on some other make up product that you have less of, of course).

Though the set itself didn't impress me, the formula really did - and so I'll definitely be looking into more Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks, I just wouldn't be rushing out to buy this set again (or really in the first place), any time soon.

Sammy xo.
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  1. I love this review, it was so honest :) I love the look of the candy studded kiss lipsticks, the packaging is unique and pretty! The Roxy shade looks interesting, I'd love to try it since I've never worn a purpley-blue shade before. Those pink shades definitely don't stand out though x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey