Saturday, 26 August 2017

Keeping Travel Costs Down - Trips/Excursions

You all know that if there's one thing that I'm passionate about, it's seeing as much of the world as you can on a budget. This is the third, and final, post drumming up some tips on how to keep specifics on holidays down, and thought much broader than the food and drinks posts, this one is definitely one of the most important; trips and excursions. Nobody wants to get cheap flights, accommodation, food and drinks on holiday, just to sit in an apartment overlooking some of the most beautiful cities and landscapes in the entire world. It's natural to want to get out there and explore each new place that you're in - however, this is usually the most expensive part of the trip; so here's how to keep the costs as low as possible, whilst seeing as much as you can.

The main one is, of course, opt for free activities. Some of the coolest things that we've done in foreign countries were free; from the witchcraft church and incorruptible body in Porto, to the fire breathing dragon in Krakow. If you know where to look, each city has a plethora of hidden gems that you need no money in your pocket (though usually, you do need to have the willpower to walk around a while) to see - and with trip advisor in your pocket (and free EU roaming!) finding these beautiful little pieces of magic has never been easier. I find the best things won't be on the front page, but dig around a little, take a peek at lonely planet, and you'll have a whole schedule of must-see things that won't cost you a single cent.

Not everything that you're going to want to see is free, however. Having said that, most European cities are a lot more flexible on ticket options; so grab your student card, make sure you ask for a youth (which is usually under 25) if you can get one; know your tickets, take some ID so you have evidence that you can rightfully buy one, and head right on in for a (usually seriously) reduced price. If the ticket options aren't cutting down the price for you, know your days; in certain countries and places, for certain galleries and gardens, some dates allow for free or reduced entry prices, and if you're there for any length of time, chances are you might hit one of these days. Do your research; know whether you'd be best going to the gallery the moment you see it, or waiting for a lazy Sunday - because the difference could be a good amount of money you could use somewhere else.

My biggest tip for this, by far, is don't rule out things that would normally be expensive in England, because these can be some of the cheapest pass times in other countries and cities. Zoos, escape rooms and even quad biking and similar (though drive responsibly) often work out much cheaper than their English counterparts, and in fact zoos have proved really affordable in just about every country that we've visited - so find the costs of things online, because they just might surprise you; which, in turn, means that you can fit more incredible, fun things in whilst you're away. Slot these adventures in between beaches, parks and gardens? You're schedule is about to be filled right up in just about no time, and you'll have some spare cash lying around.

Overall; I have to be honest - you can get a budget holiday, but you can never really pull off a 'cheap' holiday as such - and trips are always going to be a huge chunk of what you pay out whilst you're there. That doesn't mean, however, that you should throw money at them unconditionally; so heed my tips above, and enjoy an extra glass of wine on me.

Sammy xo.

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