Thursday, 31 August 2017

My Top 3 Dream Airbnbs

I spent a huge amount of my time flicking through Airbnb listings and trying to sort them into wishlists. It's not that I think we're going to travel and stay in every single one (though, that's definitely a nice thought) but it's more that when we are heading to stay in a country, it can be good (and very helpful) to know that I have a list of apartments at my fingertips that are both functional, in good locations, beautiful and (usually) easily within budget. I have way too many of these to share them all with you, but I am willing to put some of my favourites out there - hey, if I don't get to stay in them, at least somebody I know will, right? So, in no particular order...

This is actually definitely the flat that started the whole wishlist thing - when looking for a present for someone else, Katy and I cam across this beautiful flat in the centre of Krakow and we talk about it at least once a week even now. This is a beautiful flat, the right cross between modern, industrial, cost and old-fashioned, and it's in an area we have stayed in before and felt really comfortable in, right in the centre of town.

This flat is definitely a standout one for me, and we've stayed in a few different places both in Krakow, and Poland as a whole - but this is something special, whilst still being affordable (depending on what time of year you go, and how many people are staying). The one thing about this is definitely that it's nearly always booked up, so if you want it? You're going to have to think a fair time ahead.

When Kaz, Katy and I were booking Boston, we weren't entirely sure where we were going to stay, and so we also looked at areas around Boston - and that's how we found this little treasure in Lawrence. This is a reall industrial apartment nestled in the most beautiful, classic building (it seems industrial is my theme, huh? Who knew. Not me, that's for sure.) I just find this so beautiful, with old fashioned chairs, modern prints and such a beautiful wooden kitchen.

This is fairly affordable considering that you're in downtown Lawrence, and though we decided against this one and decided we were going to stay right in Boston, pretty much - this still holds a dear place in my heart. It's all about those red reading chairs, I won't even lie. If you're ever around the area and looking for somewhere instagram friendly to stay - this is definitely the one to keep an eye out for.

Finally! A non-industrial option! Katy and I have put off heading to Tokyo for 2018, purely because it's going to be hard graft to get the amount of money that we need whilst I'm in university and whatnot  - but, for a while when looking to see if this was going to be possible, I most definitely fell in love with this beautiful apartment. It's tiny, perfectly formed and full of bright colours, toys and everything you could possibly want from a home away from home.

When Katy and I were looking into this we were absolutely convinced we would have to share beds, super weird when I'm looking at it now as they are clearly two double beds. Freudian slip? It seems so. Bagsy the pink and yellow bed is mine.

If you have your favourite Airbnbs, please do let me know!

Sammy xo.

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