Saturday, 5 August 2017

Salt Dog Slim's

There are some places in Liverpool that I’ve just never gotten around to going, or at least definitely not when I’m sober. It’s not that they’re lacking, or that I don’t think I’ll like them, but more that they’re too far out, I’m not entirely sure where they are, or by the time I’ve started walking there I’ve found something else to peak my interest and headed in there instead. Salt Dog Slim’s is one of those places. I’ve been once, slightly worse for wear, and barely remembered where it was - but when they invited us over to try their hot dogs and cram in a few sneaky cocktails, there was absolutely no way that I could have refused (or rather Katy could, I was simply a lucky plus one).

Though there was some slight confusion between the staff at Salt Dog Slim’s and Slim’s Pork Chop Express about where we actually should be, we finally managed to settle into some bar seats and get chatting to their lovely staff, who talked us through the menu and drinks and handed us sharpies to leave a very permanent mark on the walls. On first glance, Salt Dog Slim’s definitely seems like a typical dive bar - polaroid photographs, old apothecary shelves and twitter handles written in sharpie (my own included) litter the walls - there’s some old leather benches making up pub like booths, tall stools around the bar and a half sized bath surrounded by fairylights. It’s a dive bar that would make even the most intense instagrammer break their theme - it’s unkempt and rundown in all the exact right ways.

After a few moments though, you’ll notice this is one of the best dive bars you’ve been to - with hot dogs being made right in front of your eyes, and cocktails using fresh fruit, bold flavours and good alcohol. You’ll notice that in place of typically cheap beer options, there are some really spectacular offerings from smaller breweries, and it becomes clear that this is so much more than the dive bar that it’s billing itself as. I mean don’t get me wrong; the alcohol is strong and plentiful and the food is greasy, covered in American favourites and served in paper trays - but this is a bar that has so much more to offer than you might imagine at first glance.

I opted for the Chicago hotdog and a fair plethora of drinks, including Catro Vs Vader and a Instant Power Sour. The hotdog was smothered in mustard and pickles, tasty and just right to hit the spot if you need something small for a meal, or even if you just need a carb boost when out drinking and the cocktails were strong, beautiful to look at and generally just amazing tasting. The bar is small, and people seem to flock in and out of it constantly, but there’s something special about it that makes this bar that could be in the middle of New York feel so quintessentially Liverpublian. Off Seel Street and right up towards Chinatown, this isn’t the easiest bar to find yourself in, but after trying their offerings, it really isn't hard to see why people make the trip out of they way in order to grab a drink or something to eat here.

With prices averaging around £6.50 for a hot dog and £8 for a cocktail, this really isn’t going to break the bank - and beers come in cheaper again. For an even cheaper option, the bar offer grilled cheese as a Sunday Brunch with a choice of bottomless cocktails - which is definitely worth checking out. If you’ve tried any of the food or drinks from Salt Dog Slim’s, I’d love to know your favourites!

Sammy xo.
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