Saturday, 16 September 2017

Battling Cold Weather Chapped Lips With Balmkind

Where I live, it feels like we've skipped Autumn completely and landed slap bang in the middle of Winter. Okay, okay, I'm being dramatic - but we've definitely hit a seriously cold snap that has me bundling it and plying my skin with as many moisturisers as humanly possible; and so when Balmkind offered to send me their lip balms, I jumped at the chance. In hot weather and cold weather, my lips are always the first parts of my body to really suffer, and so I was happy to put something billing itself as being intended to, 'nourish, soothe and protect' to see if it could help to tide me over through the winter.

First we have to talk about the packaging - perhaps the least significant part of this post, but always good to know if you're going to be pulling this out in front of your work friends day in and day out (this is quickly reaching innuendo levels, my bad). Think dusty pink, high end, and a tube like the gel version of Carmex; they're definitely bordering on looking high end, and for £14.50 you would definitely want this to look high end, but it's just so pretty that I felt as though it was probably relevant to mention this. The applicator, however, is that slanted top with a hole in the middle - I know some people don't work with these very well, and so that's worth taking into consideration if you're looking to purchase this.

Balmkind have put all of their eggs into one basket with this product, and it's the only thing that they currently sell; however, I really don't feel as though this is a bad thing at all. All of the focus from this brand has gone into one product, and though it's expensive at £14.50 for a lip balm, I almost feel as though it deserves to be. These are suitable for vegetarians, not tested on animals and packed full of good ingredients, and the focus taken to make this the best lip balm it can possibly be means I wouldn't at all be pissed to lay down £14.50 on this. I can read and understand most of the instructions, I feel as though it's been well thought out and beautifully designed.

I have to say - there's one fatal flaw for me, but its definitely a personal thing and that's the rose scent (Well, actually, Alpine Rose and Lysine). I find this to be just a little too much, I find rose a powerful scent and not one that I really like to smell or, in this case, taste. Having said that, I can almost forgive the scent because I'm so fascinated by the product. As a long term Carmex user, finding something that sinks into my lips and genuine seems to cure that quenched feeling, as opposed to that petroleum sitting-right-on-top-of-the-lips feeling, something really special. I feel as though this does what a good lip balm should, and it took me trying it a few times to realise that although this is exactly what I envision a lip balm should be, I can't think of any that are even vaguely similar in feel.

All in all, I have to say that I'm actually pretty excited about this; which is something that I didn't see myself saying about lip balm. Instead of applying lip balm that feels greasy on my lips every hour in winter, I might be able to throw this on every few instead and get a much better effect. I have to say, this is worth the money and Balmkind are definitely a brand to keep an eye on (though please, guys, come out with a scent other than rose!) As always, if you've tried the product or have any alternatives to share, please do so below.

NB: Not an important part of the review, but kind of nifty. These guys send the box flat packed next to the lip balm so if you want it, you can slip the product in when you assemble the box (it just needs popping into place) but this means that the package can fit through most letterboxes, so you don't need to make an annoying trip to the post office if you're not in to get it!)

Sammy xo.
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