Thursday, 14 September 2017

Crabtree And Evelyn Overnight Hand Therapy

A few months ago now, I got a package off of Crabtree & Evelyn which was filled with products from their La Source range - the smell of which is fantastic. Though I've used the traditional hand cream and the eau de toilette a fair amount since then, it seems as though the overnight hand therapy got lost somewhere and was only rediscovered when we shifted all of the old furniture out in order to get the new carpet fitted; and I have to admit, I was intrigued. Isn't an overnight hand therapy going to be a really thick cream on my hands? That surely can't be comfortable to drift off to sleep to? In the end, I was dreading the idea of using it so much that I simply had to try it to see if it was as bad as I had built it up to be in my head.

This isn't in the typically crabtree and Evelyn plastic-that-looks-like-metal tube with an angled cap but rather, a white plastic tube with a clean, round, blue cap. This looks like the more elegant, older brother of the daily hand creams and truly, I'm not against it - it falls in between the size of the small and the large hand cream tubes, and the packaging in general is just neat, mature and well thought out (this is a much more matte feel, which is what you need when you're going to be slathering hand cream, on; no slippy plastic!) This is the perfect size and style to look neat on your bedside table - it's very old-american-film esque, like it should be next to a powder puff and a decorative pot of face cream - but it's got to do more than look good, especially if you're shelling out £19 to buy it.

So, is it worth it? Surprisingly, I'm sort of a fan. This does go on thick and oily, but it settles in much more quickly than the name would have you think - this isn't an overnight deal, a small bit will sink in in less than 5 minutes and will leave hands shiny, soft and rejuvenated. These aren't the oily hand creams that I used to put on as a teenager that stopped me doing anything other than sleeping, or the ones I used to have to wash off because they felt so gross - this is thin, light and leaves my hands feeling like no other hand cream. I probably won't be using it in place of my actual hand cream, mainly because of the price, but you definitely could, if you were in a pinch, without it leaving you with things slipping out of your hands left, right and centre like you're in a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

These are available in four different scents, but there's something about La Source that just has me that little bit obsessed with it. It's the smell of a beach in a foreign country somewhere, when the salt hits the air - which sounds really specific, but honestly, trust me on this one. I find it to be a really clean, fresh scent; something that I would definitely opt for over fruits or flowers, especially if I was going to be wearing it and smelling it all night. I know one of the other variations is Pomegranate,  Argan and Grapessed, which I think would also be lovely, however I imagine due to the additions of grapeseed and argan this may be slightly more oily.

All in all though, it's definitely worth the £19. You need a tiny bit to make your hands feel amazing, and it definitely doesn't have to be limited to wearing it at night; especially if, like me, you work at an office so have the time to let it try (I mean obviously when typing you'll rub it off your fingertips, but you get my drift). If you've tried any of the other variations, I'd love to heard how they are!

Sammy xo.
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