Friday, 1 September 2017

Making A Uni House Feel Like Home

Okay so I know that Katy and I don't live in a uni house anymore, but probably when a lot of you met us or first started reading this blog; we did. It was one of the best times of my life, but it wasn't exactly homely; it was a house filled with nine people (or nine paying people, ten if you include me), a blue scratchy carpet, gross yellow walls and next to no furniture in huge rooms. I have fond memories in that house, but it's safe to say that I have absolutely no fond memories when it comes to the actual house itself. So, with that in mind - and also with the fact that many of you will be heading off to halls yourself soon - I've teamed up with TJ Hughes to bring you a post on how Katy and I used to make our student house feel more homely, whilst staying within a budget.

1: Fairy Lights

You know when you're buying a house you actually want to live in they tell you it's all about location, location, location? When you're living in a house as a student the same applies for fairy lights, fairy lights, fairy lights. It's a universal truth that fairy lights added to absolutely anything make them look considerably better, and scratchy blue carpets that might actually be made out of sandpaper are no exception. These are the LED Pary String Lights that are 15m long and really do look pretty (and a lot more pastel when switched on), and give that 'sun-going-down-hue to the room that can make even the most appalling places look pretty.

Katy and I had fairy lights upon fairy lights when we lived in uni accommodation, and though these seem expensive at £14.99, they'll definitely work out better in the long run as they're mains operated - no more late night runs to ASDA for batteries! For these, I also used command fairy light hooks - they're good if you're in student accommodation as they're not permanent and can be taken off at any point; or if you live at home like Katy and I, these mean you can easily swap things round and you don't have to rely on the less than ideal idea of blue tac to hang up your lights.

2: Bedding

Trust me, you're not going to spend much time at that rickety desk that they've provided you with - most of your work is probably going to get done in bed; so, you want it to be comfy (and pretty). The one thing you'll learn is how expensive 'basic' things like bed sheets, towels and duvets can be - so when I snapped up this duvet cover I was pretty pleased because, although this one was sent to me, the set is only £16.99, which is not to be sniffed at. I'd always say opt for brights where you can, because student rooms can feel like black holes, and even the tiniest bit of colour can help.

The duvet inside ours is actually for Aldi, but you can also get these through TJ Hughes, alongside mattress toppers; both worth considering when you're going to be spending most of your time in your bed, and you're definitely not going to want to be shelling out extra on your heating bills, so a good duvet goes a long way. Pro tip; it's usually cheaper to get to thin duvets and layer them than get one thicker, then when Summer hits, stick one in storage somewhere and sleep well!

3: Personalise

Like I said about the aforementioned black hole thing - student rooms really don't tend to have a lot of personality; and that's totally understandable when there's always going to be someone new in them come the following September - but you're going to want to add some of your own, because 12 months of staring at blank surfaces does things to a person. Add pictures (blue tacked), anything with your initials on, trinkets and old teddys to bring a little bit of life to your room; you'll definitely thank yourself for it.

It's always good to pick something that you can easily move around; after all, chances are you're going to live in a new house each year that you have in university; and so I opted for these cushions that just mark Katy and I's side of the bed. These are easy to take from house to house, won't go out of fashion, and will fit with just about any awful colours you might come up against in different houses. Best of all? These are only £4, so if you do leave them somewhere never to be seen again, they're going to be pretty cheap to replace.

As always, leave your own tips down below; and if you're heading off to university, be sure to check out TJ Hughes' Back To Uni range before you go!

Sammy xo.
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