Wednesday, 13 September 2017

My Favourite Planner Sticker Shops

It's been a long time since I've spent nearly all of my free time scouring etsy - but, it seems that that fixation is back. I made the huge jump to buy a real, expensive planner a few weeks ago; something that I'm definitely going to need when it comes to starting university, keeping up with a full time job, my blog and the events. So, with a new planner comes a lot of new planner videos, and watching those planner videos has lead exactly to... well, stickers. So many of them - full week spreads to make your weeks go faster or look cooler, right dow to functional stickers (you'll see). So, I thought I'd share the love for my favourite etsy creators and give you some links in case you need something to spruce up your planner for September/October (or anytime, I suppose) - with each, I'll show you pictures of my favourite creations in the pictures, whilst discussing the shop more generally underneath.

1/2: Oddloop
I almost never use two spaces to showcase one shop/creator in my wishlists, but I'm just so in love with Oddloop as a concept, and the artwork is just something that I wish that I could have in my planner every single week. From Nighmare Before Christmas weekly kits to Princess weekly kits, it seems that Oddloop has something for everybody, and they're the masters of a bright coloured, high energy kit. I should say though, these things aren't cheap (though really not expensive for a small business with such high quality, especially for the amount of stickers you get) at £15.63 each for something that's only supposed to last a week, but this is something I might fork out for in the future because I haven't stopped thinking (or talking) about them since I first saw them. Naturally, however, I will have to make sure to add a lot more bits to my basket to justify the £5.88 shipping from Etsy....

NB: These sticker kits are ideally made to fit inside vertical Erin Condren life planners.

These guys specialise in little tiny bubble people called munchkins, and they're so cute I can't cope with them. You can find them doing all sort of functional things like washing, changing bed sheets, shopping and doing work - perfect to stick into your planner in order to represent whatever you're doing that day. Keep an eye out as it gets closer to holiday season as these guys find halloween outfits (there's a Wednesday Addam's one that I'm pretty in love with right now) and become cuter than ever before. These cost around £2.66 - £3.68 per sheet and shipping will knock you back another £4.20, and they're so cute that they're definitely worth stocking up on. Also, if nothing else, definitely check out their wacky holiday stickers to see what bizarre days fall in that month and when.

I watch Tesia over on her YouTube channel and the enthusiasm that she has for her shop and business is infectious. She creates the cutest, most beautiful stickers that tackle everything from everyday tasks, to more humorous introvert cacti and subtle jokes. Tesia has a gentle pastel colour scheme with a real bang in between in the way of deep burgundy, fiery orange and mustard yellow as we get closer to Autumn and Fall and I just love everything about this shop. General sized sticker sheets come in around £3.09 with a hefty £7.05 for shipping - but it's definitely worth it, and once you see the site I think that you'll definitely agree.

Planozo are definitely a go to shop when it comes to functional planner stickers, and they/re always on a thick, good quality sticker paper than almost borders on a vinyl. These are definitely the company I'd go to for blog planning stickers - but they offer many other options, from weight lose and exercise stickers right through to hobbies and food. These stickers will cost you anywhere between £1.50 and £3.50 with £1.50 shipping and, mark my words, even if your planner is completely functional and non-decorative, you'll probably find a sticker for your over on their etsy site.

So there are my favourite sticker shops but please do enable me by leaving yours in the comments! No sticker shops have paid me to be here, I just love a good sticker.

Sammy xo.

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