Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Philips FlexCare Platinum Connected

Many of you may know that I have a huge incisor tattooed on my forearm (mum, if you're reading this - it's not actually huge, I'd use the word 'substantial') and that's not just because I love teeth; more, I love my brother who loves teeth, given that he's a fully trained dentist. I feel as though through pure duty to him as my personal dentist, I have to keep an eye on my teeth, making sure that I'm keeping them clean and taking good care of them to the best of my extent. This is, it has to be said, a real bore; two minutes cleaning whilst staring at yourself in the mirror is the least enjoyable time in the morning for me - so when Phillips offered to send me one of their FlexCare Platinum Connected brushes I jumped at the chance. This isn't just a sonic toothbrush - but one that connects to your phone via bluetooth to tell you what you're doing wrong, or missing.

I have to say that this might be a gimmick, but it works so well as a gimmick that I'm not even mad about it. All you really need to get the most of this brush is a smartphone, and the handle itself; which admittedly, doesn't come cheap at £250, but might just be worth the money if you have it, or can put it aside. There's no doubt that this is a luxury - especially when a manual brush comes in as cheap as 50p from all major supermarkets; but should you wish to indulge, is it really worth the money? It's intuitive, sure, but how good can a £250 toothbrush really be, at the end of the day.

Well, the answer surprises me too, but it is pretty damn good. You can set up your own tooth map depending on where you may see blood, have fillings or damage, and then you're ready to get started; by connecting the brush to the app, and then pressing brush. This isn't a solely 'collecting data' type job; but rather your tooth map will pop up on the screen, giving you real-time updates and tips to make sure that you get the best of your brushing - and best of all, it's easy; you just brush where the map tells you to, taking care to move the brush to change the space you are looking at from yellow to white, targeting both the front and the back of the section of teeth. Once you've done this for two minutes, any pieces showing as not cleaned to the correct extent will be shown on the app, and you will have a timer to go back in and change these.

It's a very rigid, structured and timed method, and this really works for me. When I'm watching the screen to see where I'm moving to next and how I'm doing getting my teeth clean, I feel as though I'm putting some effort into it, getting a better clean than I probably would have done without the app. I don't think particularly it's that the app and the brush are providing a better clean, but because of the person that I am, and that this makes it seem almost like a challenge, I am making sure that I am brushing better than I was before. With handy tips popping up along the way telling me to use less brushing motion or less scrubbing, I do feel as though if nothing else, I'm learning to brush my teeth better. I can also set myself challenges based on what I want to achieve with my teeth, whether less plaque or whitening, and I can see all of my progress lined up neatly on one screen.

Like I say though - I don't think it's that the app is particularly genius, I think more than anything, it just makes me more conscious of what I'm doing whilst brushing my teeth which, in turn, ends up meaning that I get a much better brush in the end. With a long life battery and a carry case, this was clearly designed with easy of use in mind, and that really works; and with UV cleaners for brush heads included in the package, and a notification when you have used the brush heads to the extent they need to be replaced - it seems as though the company have put a lot into developing a toothbrush that works for most people's busy lives. Does it make my teeth cleaner? Yes. Is it probably because I'm taking more notice to the action of brushing itself? Almost definitely. If you're looking to get one though; I would definitely suggest just one handle and multiple brush heads, as they're interchangeable anyway; it doesn't make it cheap, but might make it that bit more affordable if you're looking to get yourself one.

If you've tried any of the connected brushes, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Sammy xo.
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