Thursday, 7 September 2017

Smashbox Photo Finish Mattify Primer Stick

I wear make up so little these days - it's definitely a downfall (or a perk?) of working from home; there's no point in pulling of a sick smoky eye if nobody is going to see it except your IKEA Malm Drawers now, is there? This has definitely made me a lot more picky about which make up I use, because if I only get to transform my face one or two days a week, I definitely don't have time to have any kind of mediocre beauty day, ever. The one things that always contributes to a shit makeup day for me is definitely the sheer amount of oil that I always seem to have my skin, and the fact that I always look like a greaseball about four hours in. So, when Smashbox offered my the chance to try their Photo Finish Mattify Primer Stick, I was all up for testing whether this could help to keep those oils at bay.

You all know that I have one single saviour that really seems to work when it comes to keeping my face as matte as possible, and that's the Murad Matteffect Blotting Perfector - so it's safe to say that this tiny, unassuming stick of clear product definitely had big boots to fill. I have to say though, this does come in at ten quid cheaper than it's Murad predecessor, and will cost you only £22, which definitely gives it the edge when it comes to saving some money; but does it deliver the 12 hours of oil control promised? I decided to put it through some rigorous testing (read; I tested this a few weeks ago in a period of a few weeks where it was so hot, and so humid, where I live).

So I guess the most important thing for this one is did it work and keep oils at bay, and the answer is yes - I have to say that I did feel considerably less oily when I was wearing this. It's definitely not a 12 hour oil free sort of deal, but instead of getting greasy throughout the day, I feel as though I just got a natural sort of gleam; which still isn't ideal for me, but is a vast improvement so I'll let them have it. My main issue with this isn't when it's on, or at least it does do the job that it's supposed to do for the most part - it's getting it on, and how crap it makes me look.

This reminds me for all the world of when you put too much Benefit The Porefessional on, and if you've ever done it? You'll know exactly what I mean. When putting this one, it makes my face feel chalky and seems to highlight any imperfections, from the tiniest of pores to the biggest of spots, by clinging around them, and then if you use any sort of vaguely more than tiny amount, this starts to uncomfortably ball up on my skin - so then it's clinging to all of my imperfections for my foundation to gather around when it I put it on, and if I don't brush it all off well enough, it's also leaving tiny lumps on my skin. There's no doubt that this looks good when it's on, and to some extent it definitely does do it's job; but not nearly well enough for me to spend 20 minutes in the morning getting this to look presentable, for that reason alone; this is a no from me.

If you've tried this and have tips on how to make it look good, please let your girl know!

Sammy xo.
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