Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Past 12 Months

I know that this is such a cheesy, cliche thing to say - but isn't it made how life can surprise you? This time last year I was setting up to head to university, going through a (not all that heartbreaking) break-up and totally unaware that in 3 months time from that point, I would be a few days off being engaged. The last year has gone so quickly; it's been nearly a year since I got back with Katy, nearly a year since I moved in here, and nearly a year since we got engaged (which is so crazy in itself, it feels like it can't possibly have been that long). So, I want to take a little time now to reflect on the past twelve months, and everything that's changed.

In the past twelve months I went to university, sat in lectures I hated, found my subject way too triggering and so I dropped out - I also decided what I want to do in the long term. So, now I am right on the edge of starting at a new university, much closer to home, doing a subject that I actually care about. I've also travelled, like - a lot. In the past twelve months alone we have travelled to Krakow, Riga, Poznan, Porto and Nuremberg; and in the next twelve we already have Paris, Prague, Lublin and Boston planned - so with work, travel and university, the next year is certainly going to be a lot hectic than the one that's just gone.

Which nicely brings me to the next step - because in the last twelve months, I got a job! That's right, my therapy finally did me a solid and gave me the confidence to put myself out there and earn some money; admittedly, I sit at home on my computer - but it's a job nonetheless, and it's enough to keep up with that aforementioned travel. I've also started blogging more regularly, in the last few weeks, and expanding out to travel blogging, and so that's pretty cool. My waistline might have gotten bigger in the last year, but so has my wealth of experiences; and I know which one I care about more (hint, it's not the size of my jeans).

In the last year Katy and I have also spent most of it living together, as a couple, engaged. That's so strange to say now when I think how I was a year ago - but I truly feel like this is something good; we are both more independent, both more conscious of our futures separately and together; I am healthier, and stronger, which makes so much of a difference to the whole thing. I don't feel I'm dragging people down with me now, but rather asking them for a hand up - and that's a situation that I really didn't think I was going to be in at this point in my life.

The last twelve months have changed me - they've softened me, made me kinder, they've allowed me to work harder than ever, to see the world and to find my footing. I am different because of them, and I'll be eternally grateful - here's to the next twelve.

Sammy xo.

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