Saturday, 2 September 2017

Too Faced Sketch Markers

I'm all about a good winged liner - but the thing about black is that it's just so unforgiving. It can make a clean, sophisticated line, sure, but it also means that you can see every single mistake that you've made along the way; which, when you're as bad at eyeliner as I am, is an absolute nightmare. So, when Too Faced sent me two of their Sketch Markers to play with, I was pretty excited to see that one was their pink shade ('Candy Pink') and one was their yellow shade ('Canary Yellow'). Admittedly, these aren't colours that I would typically opt for - but, nevertheless, they are beautiful and I was excited to give them a go and see how they'd hold up.

I'm used to playing with coloured eyeliners, but they tend to be on the darker side; but trying out these has really opened my eyes to how amazing lighter colours can be (no pun intended) and, in fact, I've come to reach for Candy Pink more than you might imagine. My one worry was that I always do eyeliner last, and I didn't expect such light, bright colours to show up against darker colours, but I was pleasantly surprised; these are a lot deeper and less fluorescent than you'd imagine - a downside if you're looking for bright, standout colours, or an upside if you're looking to wear them daily and need them to show up. They still are very bright colours, but they're at least two shades darker than the pen barrels would have you believe, in my opinion.

These are supposedly based on Japanese calligraphy pens and this really shows. I've used brush tips eyeliners in the past, but these are slightly different, seemingly longer and fatter in the brush itself - and that makes them much easier to use than any that I have tried previously. It's fairly easy to get a wing in one easy swipe, and as these are considerably lighter than their black counterparts, any mistakes are much less clear anyway, which is a nice bonus. I will say though, you'll have to be pretty talented with an eyeliner to get a smaller wing with these; but if you're into a bigger, more dramatic wing, then these are definitely a good choice.

The one thing that I was really surprised about though? I have to say that these last amazingly. You know that I have really watery eyes if you've been round here for more than about two minutes, and so staying power of eyeliner is a big niggle to me; but these definitely pass the test. I mean, I know you'd expect some serious staying power for £17, but they definitely don't let you down, they're pretty much sweat, tear and sex proof (which seems to be the new marker for measuring staying power) in my experience. They've definitely done better by me than the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, I'll tell you that for nothing.

They're good, but are they worth the price? If you're ace at eyeliner, and your eyeliner stays on well regardless of the brand, probably not. But, if like me, you need something easy to use, and you need something that's going to stay on well and for a long time? It's definitely worth shelling out the £17, in my opinion, and I will be buying a black one in future to add to my collection. If you've tried them, do let me know your thoughts below!

Sammy xo.
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