Monday, 16 October 2017

4 Apps That Changed How I Travel

As two people that rely heavily on the internet, says the girl posting her first blog post in however many weeks as starting a new university is a lot harder than you might imagine, it goes without saying that technology and our phones play a huge part when it comes to Katy and I travelling. There are a huge amount of apps that we use when we're away, but there are some that have completely changed the way that we travel, and so I'm here to depart some words of wisdom upon you, and give you some apps that need to be on your phone home screen; you're welcome.

Holiday Pirates
This is a bit of a cheat one as it's not all that helpful when you're actually already on a trip; however, this has changed the way I look at travel. Holiday Pirates, if you've never used it, gives offers on hotels, full holidays, or flights - and inspires me regularly to travel within the UK, look at flights to places I've never considered and find good deals for holidays I maybe wouldn't book otherwise. It's definitely not changed the way I travel after I've gotten off the plane, but it has definitely changed the way I travel when it comes to getting out of my 'holidays-must-be-in-europe-and-in-an-airbnb' mindset; so I'm definitely allowing myself to add it here. 

Google Translate Camera
Google translate is just about everyone's holiday staple. right? But, the app has another little trick up it's sleeve that cam prove invaluable when you're in a rush translating huge chunks of text (like those on skincare bottles, for example) or faced with symbols that might not be readily available in your language. This is, essentially, a pack that you download in your chosen language (this is a saviour for Polish, trust me) and then when you hover your camera over passages in the chosen language, it'll show up on your phone screen in English (or your native language, I suppose?). This is far from perfect, and especially for long chunks of text it can sometimes be a little hit or miss, but it definitely is still worth downloading to help to get you out of a jam.

Map For Atlas Obscura
This isn't the official app for Atlas Obscura but does seem to include most of the tourist attractions that you can find on the site itself. If you've never used Atlas Obscura, it's essentially a list of unusual things to do within a country, and we've done many an interesting thing purely based on things that we've found on this site; including an incorruptible body and a bone church. The map, though, is a lot more helpful as you can see the points plotted on a map which enables you to see the closest exciting thing to see to you at any real given moment. Though the direction function works with Apple Maps, it can be a little hit or miss - it's worth using it to find hidden gems really near to you, though, even if you the have to map them separately.

Apple Maps
Specifically Apple Maps is my one true love when it comes to navigating round new cities. I know people say that you should take it I your stride and getting lost is part of the adventure, I know, people tell me all the time - but when you're on a time constraint and paper maps just aren't cutting it, it'd be ridiculous to forgo the obvious benefit that our technology gives us; instant maps. I always stick with Apple Maps as it updates faster, adds new roads regularly, works alongside public transport in many countries and stays on your home screen when you lock your phone - sorry to say it, Google, but apple maps is definitely the superior map app.

So there are the four apps that changed the way I travel. There are far more country specific ones (Delivery Hero, Uber Eats, iTaxi) but these are definitely the ones that work I most countries that we have travelled to and have changed the way that I travel myself, or perceive travel. If you have apps I should definitely download for future trips, do leave them below!

Sammy xo.


  1. I've never heard of Holiday Pirates before but I am definitely going to look into downloading it to browse for my next holiday :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

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