Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Making Winter Mornings More Bearable With Lumie

I think even those people with the best mental health can struggle with cold, dark Winter mornings - but I notice a marked difference when it comes to my depression and anxiety and the grizzly, pitch black winter mornings where I feel like I'm being cruelly dragged from slumber. Combined with the fact that I'm back in a state of sporadic sleep that comes often for me with stress and generally being busy and it's safe to say that me and these grim mornings really aren't getting on. With that in mind, when Lumie asked me if I'd like to try their Bodyclock ACTIVE 250, I was intrigued to see whether this might be the miracle cure for my grumpy, sleepy self.

If you've never heard of a Lumie Light, these are basically dimmable lights that can be set as alarms to mimic both sunrise and sunset (or, you can use them like a traditional lamp set at any setting between the two). The bulbs emit a yellow/orange light which mimics the suns colour that you would typically see at both the beginning and the end of the day and, in the case of the Bodyclock ACTIVE 250, it even has gaps cut into the back of the device so the light appears ray-like. I have been trying (and by extension so has Katy) this out for a few months now; but essentially the idea is that you set the light to start lighting up around 30 minutes before your alarm (you can change this time period but this is the suggested so I stuck with it) and it lights gradually, so that by the time the pre programmed alarm goes off, your body is used to the light, tricked into thinking it's daytime, and is ready to spring into action.

Now, I have to be honest, this isn't a miracle worker; but it is going to help you feel a little more human when it comes to that first alarm in the morning. Going to sleep with this dimming itself down is surprisingly calming and when I remember to set the light, I definitely feel a lot more awake when it comes to my alarm going off. The Bodyclock ACTIVE 250 isn't the top of the range Lumie clock and so this one lacks some of the new features, but this does have a radio alarm, a clock display and multiple light settings as well as a number of alarm sounds and, I suppose the benefit of this not being the top of the range options is that this definitely is more affordable at £95.00. Expensive, yes, but definitely not the most expensive option out there.

I have to say that this also does look really pretty - it's clean and pretty and it doesn't look out of place in my room like some sleep aids that I've had in the past. Best of all though; I think this works for me so well because to reap the benefits I don't have to do anything else that I wouldn't normally; I just set my alarm, as I always would - I don't need to download an app, I don't need to remember to set night mode on my fitness bracelet. I just set the alarm, and then go to sleep. Easy as pie. An added bonus? From the first day I used my Lumie light I noticed the difference; it may not be a miracle; but it's definitely a little powerhouse that'll help you to get through the winter mornings.

If you've tried a Lumie light I'd love to know how it worked for you!

Sammy xo.
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