Thursday, 25 January 2018

Exploring My Home Town: Liverpool ONE

Okay so, spoiler alert, Liverpool isn't actually my home town; a tiny peninsula across the water is my actual home town. Nevertheless though, I grew up in and around Liverpool, from a city full of pigeons and winding streets with rubbish everywhere, to the Liverpool we know now (or as it's commonly known, post-europeans capital of culture 2008 Liverpool). ONE of the biggest additions to the new Liverpool that made it the city that it is now, and perhaps ONE of our most recognisable landmarks, is Liverpool ONE - and that's what I'm going to be talking about today.

Liverpool ONE is a huge outdoor shopping complex, spread across two main streets with multiple connecting streets running between the two and if you're heading out to Liverpool anytime soon? You could realistically do it without even leaving Liverpool ONE. Most of our biggest shops reside here, from my favourite Waterstones, to Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar (complete with treatment stations upstairs for hair, makeup and nails alike!) and from Utility (the coolest homeware brand you've ever seen in your life) to Victoria's Secret. It's a shoppers dream, and it could easily take you the best part of a day to get round if you want to see every shop that they have to offer.

If shopping isn't your thing? Liverpool ONE comes complete with a park, cafes, coffee shops and best of all, bars. Looking for something hot, or something sweet to get you through the afternoon? Try the Starbucks under the steps opposite John Lewis for a completely bizarre Starbucks experience (think; a cave, with a Starbucks in it). For something a little bit stronger, head up to Chavasse Park on the top level of Liverpool ONE to the Tavern on the Green, or even The Club House (a bar that looks like a huge boat has been docked on the top of the shops if you look at it from above).

Once you've had your fill of coffee and alcohol, it's definitely time to line your stomach, at which point you'll definitely be spoilt for choice. Head to staple chain options like Wagamama, Zizzi or Wahaca; or, alternatively, try something a little different with Yard and Coop (a chicken restaurant, though their 'not chicken nuggets' are truly one of Liverpool's best food offerings) or Lunya (a Catalan deli that serve some of the most authentic tortilla and empanada in the North West, I swear down). You're never more than about 10cm from a top restaurant in Liverpool ONE, so take your pick and chow down.

The best thing about Liverpool ONE though? For me, but also for most people - it's so easy to get to. It's around a ten minute walk from Lime Street if you're coming in from outside Liverpool (and you'll pass some lovely bits and pieces on the way from the station) or if you're coming from within Merseyside or Cheshire, just hop off at James Street, and you're a literal stones throw away from the best shopping experience Liverpool has to offer.

If you've been, definitely leave below what your favourite things about Liverpool ONE are!

Sammy xo.
  Post written in collaboration with Liverpool ONE, however all views, opinions and words are my own.

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  1. The only time I visited Liverpool has been for the Carnlival event but this is making me want to return for a shopping trip and the sound of Lunya sounds delicious! xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal