Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Holiday Plans For 2018

2018 was meant to be the year of very few holidays. You may recall me declaring on Twitter that we were buckling down, I was working hard on uni and didn't have TIME to go travelling to Europe at the drop of the hat anymore. We cancelled two holidays, I passed my oral exam, worked hard and kept my head down. My fucking god have the past four months been boring. Slowly but surely holidays have crept into our plans for 2018 - my family were going on holiday, we could just pop along, we could go just after my exams for a few days. Slowly but surely, we have a collection of holidays that have crept up on us; and it's safe to say that 2018 is far from the year of no holidays. So, for anyone who lives vicariously through the incredible amount of holidays we take; here are the plans so far.

Next month we head to Lublin, in the South of Poland. It's a small City with lots of beautiful churches and botanical gardens, with nearly no presence on Atlas Obscura , my go to website; something that both excites and alarms me. For 50 zl, or about £10, for the both of us, we could also book a train to Warsaw - and so on the Monday of our trip, we're heading over to Warsaw for just a day. Poland will always hold such a place in my heart, and it's somewhere Katy and I have always felt incredibly at home - so I'm just so excited to be there, and to adventure around two new places. I've just to get those exams over first, so we can truly enjoy it without feeling guilty because I should be revising.

Depending on some bits and pieces in the pipeline we might have a trip in April, all of which will be revealed soon if we pull it off - otherwise, our next trip will be May. Before we get there though, I have an honorary mention for April because we're more than likely going to be booking Orlando around this time. We have to wait until 12 months before our trip (which seems very long away now I'm writing this) for Disney room rates to be released, but we probably would have held out for the Disney Dining Plan anyway so it works all round. Technically not a trip we're taking this year, but a huge trip that we're lucky enough to be booking this year. Then come May, the aforementioned next holiday will be to Stuttgart. There are a lot of car museums here and it's just a strangely fascinating place to me, so that will definitely be very exciting.

Next up in July we're going to be meeting my family in Andalucia, but first we'll be spending three days in Morocco, and two days in Valencia. I'm so excited about both of these places, I can't wait to adventure new streets and just be in the heat. We have a lot of recommendations for Morocco so I think it'll be a packed three days, then after our two days in Valencia we'll be getting the train through Spain to Andalucia where my dad will be picking us up to take me to my Spanish home. I'm pretty excited about this trip, and a lot less excited about having to admit to my mum there's a fair few tattoos on my body she doesn't know about. Wish me luck on that one.

After this we're winging it waiting for cheaper flights to release - but we're pretty sure we'll at least be doing a holiday in November/December and another in January/February 2019 before we jet off to Disney. 2018; the year of no travelling? We all should have known it wouldn't last.
If you've visited any of the places I'm visiting please leave any hints, tips or must sees below!

Sammy xo


  1. All these plans sound so amazing, I can't wait to here about all your trips and must sees :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  2. I love reading about your travels on Twitter and can't wait to read all the blog posts too.