Monday, 8 January 2018

Sale Shopping with B&M

I'm not opposed to a bit of sales shopping - for me it's always the cheaper the better and so when B&M gave me a little bit of spending money and sent me into their shop I was definitely in my element. Disappointingly our local B&M had very little in the way of reduced Christmas offerings, and I wasn't willing to travel into the cities around us for sheer fear of the crowds, however the good thing about B&M is how affordable they are - sales or otherwise. I wasn't let down in the slightest and we managed to treat ourselves, the dog and Katy's mum with change (I mean barely, but change is change) from a £20 note. There's no half priced Christmas decorations in sight either, I promise.

I'll be honest - this heavily comprises of candles. One of these we definitely knew we were going to buy though, and that was the Woodland Wick Layered Candle in White Flower, Blue Sky and Fresh Linen and this was a pretty damn affordable £4.99. We have a gorgeous candle from this brand that's vanilla scented and it really does throw it's smell all round the room (that sounded a bit gross didn't it? You know what I mean) so I was desperate to grab a different scent. We have so many beautiful candles (cough Diptyque) that we didn't use for so long because they were so expensive, only to find that when we actually did burn them the smells were practical undecipherable. Count me in for a candle that will give you change out of a fiver that also smells amazing. Truth be told, I only really photographed these today because I wanted to burn it.

If we would have only got the first candle I would have left the shop a happy girl - but Katy spotted the Yankee Candle Simply Home in Bermuda Beach so we also grabbed one of these. This is the identical scent to Pink Sands in the original Yankee Candle collection, and it also set us back £4.99 - though for a much smaller candle. I'm not mad about it being smaller, you do pay for a name, and it's definitely not a bad price for a Yankee - but I would have gotten a new Woodland Wick if I was given the choice between the two, though they say (future) marriage is all about negotiation. Whilst in the candle aisle, we also grabbed some small votives - a mixture of Yankee and otherwise. In the Yankee Home Inspiration range we got Spiced Orange and Clove and Clear Mountain Lake, and we also grabbed a Chupa Chups offering in Strawberry and Cream which were all 89p each. In other supermarkets by me these votives come in around £1.10 so you're saving only 20p a candle, but in the long run if you buy five candles, you've saved yourself enough for a medium fries or a cheeseburger so, that's worth considering.

Finally, moving on from the candles, we got something I genuinely thought was really cool - the Nuage Skin Tattoo Moisturiser. I like to Moisturise my tattoos even when they're all fully healed, but branded versions of this can cost a small fortune so when I saw this I was pretty pleased to pick it up for £1. This hasn't got any SPF in so bear that in mind, but if you like to Moisturise your tattoos and make the colour pop before a night out (just me?) This could be the perfect addition to your body care drawer, especially for a pound.

I have to say that I was really pleased with B&M - though I shop there all the time, I felt like there were some really good hidden gems when I was actually looking for things worth the money. In the eyes of being fully honest I do have to admit we also bought some Mike and Ike's, but I ate them. Additionally we also bought the dog a princess Leia rope chew toy but good luck fighting that out from her grumpy jaws. I'm on a bit of a bargain kick now, so if you've found any good offers or bargains, please do let me know! If you're looking to see what your store might have in the sale, you can find that part of the B&M website here.

Sammy xo.
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  1. I love B&M! Forever buying homeware from there; candles, kitchen items. You name it. A lot of my stuff comes from B&M. Also, Home Bargains! x x