Friday, 26 January 2018

Things I'm Most Excited About For Disney World

So I know we said April for booking Disney World, but if you have either me or Katy on twitter then you'll know that that went completely out of the window and Disney World is officially booked, and we're all but ready to jet off to Florida. Best of all though, we're no longer waiting and waiting for 2019 to roll around to go, because we are going this September; the deal was just too good to pass up on. You might know that, second only to Katy, Disney is my one true love; and so you can imagine the excitement that I'm trying to keep inside at the moment. To help just a little of it spill out (and I have to let it spill out or I'll burst), I've decided to write a post solely dedicated to the things I'm most excited for when we head to Disney World.

1: Seeing the castle
Paris has one of the smaller Disney castles and seeing it for the first time last year I felt like it was a kind of magic that nothing else really compares to, and so I'm absolutely thrilled that later this year, I get to see the beautiful, and very imposing, big castle that Disney World has to offer. Granted, it doesn't have a dragon in the dungeon (probably my favourite part of the entirety of Disneyland Paris) but it does have an actual restaurant inside it, so swings and roundabouts.

2: Dole Whip
For real, you don't need to tell me how pathetic this is because I already know. Really, Sam? A top four list and one of the things that you pick is a bloody soft serve ice cream? Well, yeah. Some Disney food is just iconic in a way that you rarely see food items become, and so you best know that I'll be getting those Instagram shots of dole whips, Mickey pretzels, Mickey premium bars and Darth Vader waffles, and you better all like them.

3: Halloween!
As we'll be heading out in the middle of September, Halloween will be well under way in all of the parks. Not only will we get to go to the iconic Universal Halloween Horror Night, but we'll also be buying those Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Tickets and trick or treating to our hearts content. Am I probably going to miss the parade and most of the excitement to queue and meet Jack and Sally? Yes, probably. Am I going to love every minute and gorge myself on American sweets when we get back to the hotel? Yes, definitely.

4: Epcot
Come on, this one explains itself, surely? The world showcase is definitely something brand new to me, and something I am desperate to go to. I'm going to buy stuff I have no need for from every singe pavilion, I'm going to spend so much money on sweets from all around the world and I'm going to love it the most out of all of the parks, I literally already know. I'm a sucker for theming and most shops, so really Epcot is like the dream for me.

They're the things I'm most excited about, but if you have something you think I should be excited about, definitely leave it below!

Sammy xo.


  1. I seriously want a review of every food item, or at least a 'What We Ate At Disney' . It's the only part of Disney that makes me want to book a flight yesterday!

  2. I really really loved going to Epcot, it completely exceeded my expectations. It was just so cool to feel like you're literally walking all over the world, even if it is just for a little while.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode